JAHMin into 2020 JPUD Starting the Year off a'Blazin'

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Yo, s-irie here. Just back from Southeast Asia. Hope everyone had a prosperous 2019. But now, 2020 is upon us. It should be a fun year here on the entire blockchain. My favorite project on the entire blockchain continues to be ReggaeSteem without a doubt. It's the perfect place for me. There's no place like home.

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Reggae Culture Rewarded

I start off this year by bringing you my second consecutive 10,000 JAHM Power up. I can't say it enough - keep stacking. Seems as though more people are beginning to pick up on this trend. We are seeing the price begin take off. Well, it's been on a constant upswing, but something should be telling you the wind is picking up. There's things looming around every corner when it comes to ReggaeSteem. That's why I keep powering up my JAHM, proving my belief in the project long-term. With Proof of Stake, it only makes sense to power up on JPUD and then let PoS do its thing.

Excited for this year and many more ahead. In 2020, travel plans consist of Negril, and only Negril. After this trip to SE Asia with @conradsuperb, there's no place I'd rather be than the 7-mile. I've been more than I can count on my own two hands, so I'll just keep JAHMin to that list. What's better than Negril vibes? From experience, I can tell you the answer is nothing. So keep JAHMin people.

Here's my contribution to this month's JPUD before PoS:

Screenshot (100).png

Let's Keep it JAHMin this year and beyond


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Eheheh. So far, it's the only Steem token which didn't tank. Let's hope it stays that way!

Happy new year! 😊

did some others tank? i hadn't noticed recently

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Oh, boy! They've been tanking since day one! 🤣

i thought you meant some that might have been doing good before 🤣🤣


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HA ! Most were pump n dump schemes, yeah. Jahm is real utility, we’re already seeing that. Just keep stacking :-)

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Wow, this is a great investment, this is gonna be good... I've been having problems with the internet but I'll soon catch up

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Post....Comment.....Upvote and
Purchase and the sky is the
LIMIT. Go for it. We are watching.

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Yesir! Glad you guys had a blast in asia! Healthy JAHM power up as usually! We JAHMIN!!

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Thanks @dmilliz

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its great. let's increase all the power we have to support each other. I will follow you too

Get it. Good stuff. You are
well on your way.

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Wonderful friend, it is an important sum, I am also placing my little grain of sand to strengthen #Jahm, and help the growth of this community.

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I may visit Jamaica a couple of times this year, getting a great headstart. Love the lack of Jet Lag, the 4-hour flight and the relaxing part of the vacation. Running around South East Asia and navigating the crowds isn't my idea of chill.

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I hear you. But you have to
live it in real time to experience.
Can’t read or watch tv and feel
what’s coming at ya.
You only live once.
Just like Jamaica.
Gotta be there to love it.

wise move:)

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Fabulous power up :)
Here's to 2020!

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