Top 10 Things To Do While in Negril, Jamaica [Pictures Galore!!]

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Experiences of Negril

From personal experience, I can tell you there are plenty of options when it comes to traveling the Caribbean and Negril is no exception. In this post, I bring you experiences from my times to Negril, sharing some memorable things with you through words and pictures. The list of activities I am about to share cannot be classified from 'least to greatest' since everything Negril is irie. In no particular order, here are the
Top 10 Things To Do While in Negril:

YaMon Catamaran (YC) Expedition

Enjoy an all you can eat and drink catamaran tour where you will venture from the 7-mile Beach to the world famous Ricks cafe. Along the way you will enjoy swimming in the Caribbean Sea, snorkeling, cave exploration and cliff jumping while at Ricks. A great way to meet other people and enjoy some laughs, drinks and free cocktails all while sailing the beautiful Caribbean blue.

Jamaica 2014 034.jpg
The YaMon Anchored on Shore!

The Cliffs from the Catamaran

Enjoying the Sea Breeze and Beautiful Scenery aboard the YC

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Head out on one of these irie glass bottom boats with a friendly crew to explore the beautiful coral reefs in Negril, Jamaica. Don't forget to bargain yourself a deal if you're "no tourist!" Oh! And don't get stung by a jellyfish like me!

Jamaica 2014 075.jpg
Crew members not seen as they were working the beach for clients!

Visit the Bourbon Beach for a Live Reggae Concert

Enjoy live reggae music venues along the 7-mile beach. There are plenty of places to enjoy free reggae music, but The Bourbon Beach offers the best of the best! Pay a small cover charge to see some top quality artists perform live under the stars!

Bourbon Beach Stage

Blurry pic, but me with a Live Reggae Performer, August 2014

Venture to the Cliffs (or the 7-Mile Beach if you are on the Cliffs)

An alternative option if you're staying on the beach. Venture to the cliffs by route taxi or better yet - rent a vehicle and explore the cliffs up the West End Road toward Ricks Cafe. There are no limitations as to what one can do when venturing to the cliffs in beautiful Negril, Jamaica!


Turquoise Blue Water - simply WOW

Eat at Select Restaurants Offering Local Cuisine

There are plenty of local cuisine options to choose from along both the road and beach side. The most notable in my opinion being Coletta's, Alfreds on the Beach, and Three Dives (on the cliffs). You also have to stop the patty man who walks the length of the 7-mile beach and back everyday selling his world famous, freshly homemade beef and veggie patties!

Jamaica 2014 029.jpg
Coletta's - the best local cuisine in all of Negril
Jamaica 2014 073.jpg

Blackened chicken with sauteed onion, rice and side of hot fries

Jamaica 2014 320.jpg

Vibe the Beach

Mingle the beach, check out the cool shops, meet the people, it's all part of the experience. Don't be a bum and just sit at your resort! Go explore!

Jamaica 2014 022.jpg
Early a.m. 7-Mile All to Myself

Jamaica 2014 040.jpg

Go to Ricks Cafe

Visit the world famous Ricks Cafe. Here you can enjoy good food and beverage options (a bit pricey), live reggae music, cliff jumping, and a sunset you will not want to miss!


Jamaica 2014 274.jpg
Who's melon is this!


Visit the Negril Lighthouse

One of the historical monuments in Negril is the Negril Lighthouse. Built in the early 1800s, this landmark is a must see as you can venture to the top for a small charge to get a bird's eye view of the cliffs of Negril.


Oh shit! Cover's blown - that's s-irie!

Day Trip to Booby Cay Island

Although I have never been and cannot provide personal photos from my experiences to Booby Cay, a day trip to this quaint private island is always a stellar option. Enjoy snorkeling, swimming, hanging out and enjoying the view and amazing weather!

Smoke some Herbal Remedies and Sip Some Red Stripes with the Locals

Take part in the Rastafarian movement and medicate with the locals if you so wish. I was not able to partake, but I did however enjoy several Red Stripes with my Jamaican friends on numerous occasions!

I wasn't able to partake, I was in the ROTC at the time!

Sipping Red Stripes at SKA with Mitchiganz

Well, that's all for now. Let me know if you enjoyed this post in the comments below and I will be sure to bring more original content from my times to Negril on ReggaeSteem!



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Nice post man, I enjoyed the trip through your words and images....I love the blue sea...its like magic....the view from the cliff...all nice...I wouldnt miss the herbal remedies time for anything anyway. Did you go to the night clubs?

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Thanks bro ! Yeah the blueness is unbelievable, really. I didn’t happen to hit the jungle when I was there in negril but did check out one on the beach. Can’t remember what it was called but I do remember being hassled for some “dances” (more than just dances) LOL

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Now that's some good exposure based on your experience.

It's good that you were able to be in all those spaces.
I'm sure the food sold in most non-luxury restaurants, but well made like home is much better for tasting the real flavor of the island.

Actually,i'm sure it would be a great experience to meet all of us who make life in this tribe. An unforgettable life experience.
Thank you for sharing @conradsuperb

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

It’s a good time - jamaica. Negril is the spot though forreal is you ever go. And yeah mon that would be cool to meet everyone. Jahmfest 2020 in June ;)

Hopefully see you there

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Excellent area friend, everything to enjoy, soon I will ask you the favor of giving me one of your photos to create history, Jamaica has much to give, I do not think that there is someone who does not find an ideal place in Negril, is simply fantastic.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Appreciate that as always. Yessir just ask and you shall receive. All I ask is credit is given where credit is due. I would have no problems at all with sharing a photo or two for you to take us on an epic adventure through your creative writing


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Yes, that is Negril...beautiful pics ;)
I like that balcony view from bourbon beach.
And you even showed me something new....where is this
Negril Lighthouse located?

Yea mon went upstairs to take a gander looking down on the stage. It was vibes central.

The lighthouse is even further up the west end past ricks about a half mile or so. You can actually see it if you’re at ricks cafe in the distance

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Cool, good to know, thanks man.
I will get a nice seat on the balcony next time ;)

 last year (edited)

I wanna go with
@crypticat and the
rest of the tribe.
Be there or be square.

 last year 

No one is stopping you. Make your own personal one-month JAHM fest

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Why not make it a "one Life" Jahm Fest ;)

Or an “every life” jahm fest. Cats have 9 lives ;)

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The essence....Life ;)

You can be a stowaway and fly incognito like your current steem alias. No one would know. Plus you don’t have any other plans, retiree

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 last year 

It is really hard to choosea #1 spot but man I'd have to say seven mile or Rick's. Everything is IRIE though as you said.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

The seven mile is my go to. The cliffs for a night or two as well but you can’t beat the vibes happening on the beach all day every day fr

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