Hello ReggaeSteem - JAHMFEST Transportation Confirmed!

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Hi ReggaeSteem,


I'm Andy Rudduck from Thriller Tours Jamaica. Ive been a licensed transportation and tour provider in Negril, Jamaica for over 10yrs and am pleased to be a part of the ReggaeSteem journey. I'm part of a family run tour company which also owns and operates vacation homes in Negril.

My slogan is "Showing you the real Jamaica!"

I blog often on Blogger and Facebook and will now make an effort to blog my tours and adventures here thanks to @miyard and @donald.porter.

Regarding #JAHMFEST, I'm assisting them with logistics and transportation including airport transfers and round town trips.

Expect more from me in the coming weeks for now please visit my websites for more information:



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 last year (edited)

Yo Andy Rudduck welcome. On my thread from resteem of
Nice intro post. I expect to read and hear more about you.

Donald nice looking catch your eye..

Thank you, sir, one love

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Yeah everything’s coming together nicely— imagine arriving at the airport to Andy in a ReggaeSteem hat holding a #JAHMFEST sign 😃—

having our transport/logistics guy on #Steem is a win for everyone!

(We may need some bigger stickers for #JAHMFEST 😉)

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 last year (edited)

Awfully good stuff happening here.
Can feel the shaking of that recent quake here.
O' No that's ReggaeSteem.
Big grin here in Ohio.

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Welcome aboard, Andy! Looking forward to your posts to come on Steem as well as FB to keep us in the loop on transport 😎

Irie bredda

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 last year 

It's the Thrilla,
From Negril a'
Call him Andy,
The tour fill'a.

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Didn’t know the cat had bars 🤔

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 last year (edited)

Can't believe no one told ya,
Cat runs circles round ur yoga!

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 last year (edited)

Let the cat out of the bag.
We did not know the
complete level of your talents.
You and @conradsuperb have to get on the
big stage at Jahmfest along with @dmilliz and
do some raggae rap music. Lol

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 last year 

Gonna have the sound system for a few days, nothing tops late-night Open Mic. Just point the speakers towards the ocean when this cat comes up on stage. I'll tip anyone thousands of JAHM if they can get up there and own the mic freestyle.

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is that your car?

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