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Wah Gwaan breddas and sistas from all over the world!

Yesterday I have been asked if I want this Steem Torch that is going around Steemit for about 8 months.
You can see the original post from @geekgirl here:

@joseacabrerav gave this 'honour' to me, and I must say it does slightly feel as an honour.
We know each other for a couple of months now, and getting the trust from someone, who has no idea of who is behind the legendary @whatsthatcryptom gives a pretty good feeling. Must mean I showed him something positive right??

steem torch.jpg

Since I recently became Ambassador for the amazing ReggaeSteem Tribe, I knew immediately that the next carrier of the torch had to be someone of ReggaeSteem. So it is with pride and with honour, my boy @donald.porter this one is for you!

I am sorry to all the other people that were begging to get this burning stick via discord, chats, messages, pings, telegrams, dm's, pigeons, mothers, again I sorry it is NOT personal. Jeezzz

Disclaimer: content is at it is best after consuming ganja.

This is Pass the Dutchie from Musical Youth.

Note to @soyrosa (hier dus :D)

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Nice pass bredda. Next time you gotta pass the splifff 🔥🔥

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I dont share I am sorry. I am selfish.

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Well shit man I’d still smoke you out so I guess you’re cool

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 last year 

Cool pic brah. #Reggaesteem represent

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Thanks bredda! I thought lets do something unusual

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@whatsthatcryptom, Congratulations and that's the beauty of Steem and Decentralised Structure people don't know who is who completely but whatever content they are posting and whatever virtual conversations is going on, building the connections between Steemians. Stay blessed.

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This good image, creativity a thousand...
Keep running the torch, excellent @whatsthatcryptom

Did they really write you to pass the torch? That's supposed to be something that must be born from the person voluntarily, not ask for it...

Epicness bro, will be sure to pass it along the (trusted) #ReggaeSteem train... Debo—let’s see if it can stay within the community till
Christmas 👀>🎅 lol


Cheers bro !BEER

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