WARNING: Multiple Accounts, Vote Trading and Abusive Posters

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Hi ReggaeSteem,

Most of you know me and my curation efforts by now, it's all about making ReggaeSteem a better place. If I have offended you in any way, please let me know: The Comment Section below is a great place and so is the ReggaeSteem Discord. We are open to suggestions regarding moderation and fairness. Most of the time I ignore low effort posts, sometimes I comment if you are new, other times I leave a sarcastic remark and in rare cases I downvote.

Today it was brought to my attention that there are a few new abusive posters that are related to each other. You know who you are and this isn't going to end as planned. Take your 50 cents and go!

It's obvious who you are, these are new accounts, with no followers, the same writing style, powering down, no Steem, no photos of a human, vote trading on junk, posting from the same time zone, limited history, zero curation/comments, etc. STOP IT or you will be downvoted heavily. Not going to mention any names.


What is Abusive Posting

If you think it's abuse, it probably is. SPAM is obvious, so is hate and plagiarism. Not going to tolerate it, just going to downvote. Posts like these won't even get a warning. This isn't what we noticed today.

Multiple Accounts

Posting under multiple accounts is fine. You may have a .jahm or a .reggae or a .tribe account. You may have a throwaway or something related to a different art or style. That's cool and totally understandable. Using multiple accounts to post in a niche tribe like ReggaeSteem (Caribbean culture, Reggae, travel and Music, etc.) is also fine if you have a voting account, the main account or a NoJahm4u account. Disclose it or it's sneaky. What's not fine is making multiple accounts for the purpose of low effort post SPAM and vote trading. I'm not going to get into it. STOP IT.

Vote Trading

Vote trading usually happens between the same person with multiple accounts or a close circle of friends. It may work on Steem for some of you until New Steem came along, but it won't work here. We are on to you! Make quality posts and friends if you want votes. Get on the @jahm.whitelist and curate, comment and make more friends. It is the best way!

If you want an IRIE upvote, say hi! comment and produce quality!

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Although I am not really a member of this tribe @crypticat, I do applaud those who keep actively moderated tribes and actually care about the content and conduct of their users! There's a lot of sketchy behavior here in Steemlandia so I'm always happy to see action taken to make this a better place.

Just for that, I staked my minuscule holding of JAHM tokens rather than cash in and buy cat treats!


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 last year 

Thanks Curatorcat, you never know when you'll be in Jamaica next and that Jahm may come in handy down there! 🇯🇲😸

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@crypticat, Keep doing the good work and let's keep this Ecosystem open for all the discussions so that Point Of Understanding can be achieved by all the members particularly newbies. Your efforts are always appreciable.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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 last year 

Yes, don't want to scare newbies, they can always reachout for tips. There's enough veterans here to help.

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Yes. If guidance is needed then we all are here because in this journey we all done mistakes and improved and still learning and improving. Stay blessed.

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Friend @chireerocks
Starting on this platform without someone who can be complex, I know. When I started I made a lot of mistakes, I didn't even know how to place the fonts, but there is enough material to always improve, plus people who are willing to help.

I really agree with this because without mistakes we cannot improve because mistakes are evident aspect and tells that we are putting efforts and doing experiments which is improving us. Stay blessed.

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Cat-Watch Commencing!!!

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Can I just check - does reggaesteem have the option to mute poor actors? If it does, can I ask that the team has a policy and stops these accounts posting to the reggaesteem feed if they persist with spamming after a warning. Many thanks.

 last year 

We have a policy. First look at the account on steemd or steemworld, along with the activity on reggaesteem. If they never post quality, or comments and have zero Sp or Jahm. We can leave a comment reminding them engagement makes friends. If they ignore it and are obviously fake, downvotes and bans. I'm fair don't want to scare people. Also anyone with a picture of themself is safe. I hide behind a cat, but have activity to back up my humanity.

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Great, so these accounts can simply be muted.

I think that is an option! I know for sure creativecoin tribe does it because I brought spammers to their attention and these people cant post on CCC no more. They still can use the tag but not earning any CCC because the post doesn't show up on the tribes website. I know downvoting is kinda harsh, but in some cases it is the only way to go. I downvoted the 11 accounts on RS that are linked. Some of them still have like 100 jahm payout though. I they post 1 more time I will make a name and shame post

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One of the (many) problems of anti-social behaviour is the amount of curators' time it takes up - the opportunity cost is huge. What I'd like to see is a policy where poor actors are dealt with as "business as normal" - quickly, quietly and without drama: the average poster wouldn't be aware of it. This is housekeeping, the same as we'd keep the beach clean, the bar stocked and gaffer tape in the tool pan, so reggaesteem is a nice place for people to be.

Hi @crypticat, thanks for bringing this to light, it can be really annoying when a set of people are building and some are milking, I will be on extra lookout for these bunch and make sure they don't fly. Thanks for all your effort.

 last year 

Yes, it's sort of obvious when someone never engages

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 last year (edited)

Simply put.
‘Don’t park your vehicle,
In My Parking Space’

Ride on @crypticat.

This publication may frighten ajajajajaja
It is unfortunate to see that many make inappropriate use of many strengths. Considering reggaesteem as a great fortress within the great steemit community.

I recently made a post about a particular user who has created more than 20 accounts, and only the programs to give downvote. In other words, why don't you create them to help? No, you do it to take away from others, automatically.
And decentralization is a marvel, but there are those who take advantage of them to do evil.

Very well @crypticat

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 last year 

A sour downvote network? Without a decent amount of SP it would be more annoying than harmful.

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WORD TO THE SPAMMER. We know who you are, and it's kind of a shame that you want to do this to our tribe. I know, it is tempting to cheat if you look at the rewards you can get from posting on Reggaesteem. But these rewards are meant for people who are honest, who are willing to put the effort in, who are visionaries because they can see the future value.
Posting shit over and over again because you want to rape the pool is for me unforgivable and will be punished accordingly. We are all about peace, unity and one-love.
STOP with your cheating endeavours, you don't want a committed family after your ass.

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 last year 

As long as someone is engaging other members of the community, they are fine.

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Hmmmm... that is not good, not good at all. I hope you can filter them and drive them out.