reflection: why I do music?

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There are essential questions in life that we can apply for objects, places, events and people. One of them is why ?, I think that a large percentage of human beings do not ask themselves conscious questions that would give us relief for the present time, the truth is that sometimes I go so fast mentally that I do not give chance to the world of being heard, it is a kind of 50/50 switch between design and flow, I do not mean that this is Bad, just that it requires a little order, design as far as the Universe vibrates, if I design while the Universe vibrates I am losing information in An era that moves through it.

still wanting to be a good listener, the truth is that there is not much music that today lives in my audio player, possibly for that reason of being constantly designing, I got a good balance of those energies allowing me to write from very early, but the "for what?" It has always been present and constantly transforming, that is why it must be tracked.

I was never a good listener or a good reader, however, good readings for a while here fascinate me and are part of my way of seeing the world, that's why I always nurture in this way and I have learned to Self-taught Mode, since That way I learn more easily, always looking to ask questions when I have the opportunity but taking advantage of a great tool of the 21st century, internet, I can get information from The Seven Steps of Fine Arts, Science and Spirituality

What do I make music for?

I make music As a process of honesty with myself that helps me overcome stages of my life and reflect on different areas of human reality and fiction, so that in my personal process others may feel feelings printed in a melody, harmony and rhythm that although they do not cease to be Art, it seeks science As a logical point of observation of an emotion without the need to tie it to the measurable in number, in a nutshell: I am an observer of nature who wants to share his senses to receive and transmit information.

Whatever my senses capture the whole body and the mind put words to heaven and hell.

It should be noted that I do not make reggaeton and what I do music to heal the heart.

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¡Esta me ENCANTÓ! :)

(LOL el mensaje xD)

A real artist ^

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I am an observer of nature who wants to share his senses to receive and transmit information.

Beautiful my friend thank you for sharing your music and words with us all, we are lucky to have you here on the platform with us xxxx

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That is a good why, it is like an artistic diary you ca look back/listen to your vibration at that time. Blessings ! Nice melodies and vibes.

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