Alfred's On The Beach Restaurant Review: Negril, Jamaica

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When traveling to Negril, Jamaica, you will be overwhelmed with the amount of food options available. If you're like me and like to eat, then the overwhelming quantity of places to go becomes more of a head scratching phenomenon than anything else.

"Do I want jerk or seafood?"
"Traditional Jamaican food or a break from all the local eats?"
"Do I go street-side or find a place on the beach?"
"What about that guy over there cooking jerk from an old metal drum?"

There are so many options, you simply cannot go wrong. If you want fresh seafood, there's a place for that. Jerk chicken - everywhere you turn your head you'll get a delicious whiff of the rich flavors and spices brewing virtually the entire 7-mile. Whatever you choose, I can almost guarantee satisfying your every need.

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Beachfront Views From Alfred's On The Beach

When you find a place you like, you'll end up going back. One place on the beach that I have grew quite fond of over the years is Alfred's Beachfront Restaurant. One of the main reasons I like Alfred's so much is the diverse array of options to choose from. The catch is "specialty country style cookin'." If you want local and you want fresh, Alfred's is never a bad option. The prices are also fairly reasonable at this location compared to some other notable beach options.

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Alfred's also offers fun in the sun by beach volleyball

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Daytime Bar look

The bar and restaurant area is situated right on the beach and boasts a walk up dine-in area allowing you to enjoy the Caribbean vibrations to the fullest. My favorite meal here is the blackened chicken with rice and steamed vegetables. The chicken is seasoned to perfection and the sides complement the dish like yin and yang.

Blackened chicken meal with a sides of hot fries

Blackened chicken is not the same as jerk chicken, so pleae do not get these two vastly different dishes confused. If you want jerk, I'll tell you where you need to go in my next restaruant review. Alfred's is more than just a bar and restaurant even. If you visit their site linked above, you will see they offer live events as well as rooms for rent. I knew Alfred's hosted events, but I was unaware up until now that they offered rooms and guesthouses for travelers.

The vibes of Alfred's are pretty much conducive to what you're gonna get anywhere you go in Jamaica. There's no place that doesn't offer a unique and unforgettable experience. I guess you'll just have to go and check it out for yourself.

Nighttime Bar look

Alfred's Meetup with the Germans!

If you want good food, reasonably priced and diverse food/beverage options and beachfront views, Alfred's has the full package. It's also fairly closely located on the 7-mile to the West End, close to venues like the Bourbon Beach and less than 2km from the downtown Negril roundabout - location, location, location!!

Alfred's Ocean Palace

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Love Alfreds! They also have good Veggie Food...
And the roasted garlic bread is yummy :)
Big Up, Conrad!

Big up Luca !
See you soon bredda 😎

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@conradsuperb, When there are so many options in Food then in my opinion it pushes us towards the Point Of delicious 😋 Confusion. Stay blessed brother.

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Haha that’s how I feel.

Respect rocks

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@conradsuperb i have heard so much about negril,jamaica and i would really love to be there soon so that i can experience how it is to be like in negril and so that i can also be able to share my own personal experience too..thanks for sharing...

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That would be awesome and Negril would love to have you :-)

Anyone is welcome and the memories could be relived via ReggaeSteem 😂

Maybe see you there one day

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Blacken chicken with hot french fries for me.
Pass the ketchup.

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**pass the A-1

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 last year 

They do some big live music nights too

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Yessir - not as big as the Bourbon but sometimes the events are ticket purchasers only and they stake off the grounds

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