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Recently @dmilliz has created a contest to encourage the presentation of new Reggae songs, I left my small participation in the comment box, however, I wanted to make a separate publication to provide data in relation to the artist I brought to present his new production.

If you want to know how to participate I invite you to visit this publication


Yes, the two in the main image of this post are the same person, but after more than 15 years with I hope you enjoyed this song.

WE KEEP READING EACH OTHER, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VISITING MY BLOG. he has decided to give a radical change to his look.

The truth is that you never know what to expect when you start to meet some artists, because each one of them has a story behind them that, even though many times you don't want it, can serve as an example for many.

Spanner Banner

Artist of whom I bring a little information, began his career very young, at 19 years old had his first success in music but at that time with a different look, wore long hair. That first success I bring you in the first video I bring you:

Spanner Banner - Life Goes On

I hope you enjoyed this song.


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I invite you to visit Project.hope and learn about the benefits of this project for all those interested in growing while helping others to grow.


I invite to be a part of

Spanner Banner - Over Come © 2020
Produced by Ansel Fantarnish Records

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Apoyando desde el TOP3

Apoyado toptres del día, un interesante festival @josevas217

@josevas217, Some Musical 🎶 Pieces come up and spread the Out Of The Box 🗃 essence. Stay blessed brother.

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This was a huge song in the Dancehall, I did not recognize him at all. Song or looks. Positive vibes in his new and old track, glad he hasn't changed his principles.

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Apoyado por el @toptres del día.Desde @hojaraskita

Siempre es muy interesante conocer más acerca de la cultura de este bello pais, en este caso, su música. Gracias por compartir, querido @josevas217. Apoyado en el #toptres de hoy. Un abrazo de vuelta!.