West End Restaurants (Negril, Jamaica 🇯🇲 )

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Erica's Hideaway, Sips and Bites, 3 Dives Jerk Centre, Kool Vibes Jerk Centre, Sweet Spice, Pewees, Pushcart, Patsy's, Just Natural, and Canoe. Shot with a GoPro Hero7 Black. - March 2019

Epic video of a few restaurants on West End in Negril. I may need to do a few reviews myself, feeling inspired.


Video by Sand Gravity Adventures, subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChuZVw7UkuGWZhd742OEbzg

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Let them know Crypticat is coming. We can share all the photos and write some blogs. I'll leave the stunning lady part to my girl.

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Been to several of these places with super over the years!! Most favorite of all is the famous Jerk at ‘Tree’ (three) dives. Went there every night we stayed on the cliffs at Samsara bc my 10 yr old self couldn’t get enough 😋😋

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Three Dives is the best jerk in town hand down also grilled lobster, irie atmosphere and epic sunsets!!!!! It was founded by the Myrie family and my mother is a Myrie— so I made sure to make the connection early.

Will definitely do a blog post on them soon, it’s perfect cause I already love the place and recommend them

Cheers bro !BEER

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Hey @conradsuperb, here is a little bit of BEER from @donald.porter for you. Enjoy it!

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Each restaurant a separate post with feature photo of venue, your plate of food, picture of peeps,
and of course,
selfie of yourself. lol

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Yeah, lol... but before all that, talk to the owners (or manager on hand) and let them know what I’m doing. I was Mrkt Mngr at Seastar Inn for 2yrs— left last May, #1 on TripAdvisor, new menus and packages, weekend live streams and the Luciano show etc led to 80%+ occupancy while I was there. Just gotta tap back into those vibes, most venues here know me via the Negril Ent Association, WHAGFA or the Chamber of Commerce.

If they know we’re there as an influence and not just to have dinner, it gives them prep time for the occasion,,,, also find a stunning lady 🤔 for the photo opps and boom 💥 lol we may be able to onboard them as well 😎

Talk soon

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Donald that’s a great video. Though for a moment saw your shadow, for there was a image of fedora several times being displayed.

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Food, fun and sea? Yuh Cyah beat dat!

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