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RE: “More Light, More Life, More Love” Now Available Worldwide… Turn that Bass up!

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Drop tune yes! Powerful message in few words.

While you at it join emanate which used to be choon lol. So much going on in blockchain it hard to keep up.

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Thanks,might be the most important message on the planet if they keep on spraying up
the Light, no know, plus did you know that the 5G radiation is killing
the bees!? Food supply chains already "feel it"....
Yeah, or what happened to musicoin..!?
Gotta take care who you joining, not every coin will "make it"
What coin do i earn there, and is it tradable on big platforms?
Got your vocals, i will try to check it out today ;)

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A real ting man. The bees are vital and most don’t even know it.

It’s based on EOS so I think that’s not bad.

Yeah man check it out and let me know

Without the bees, we have no food to eat... you know it, star...and i love the bees..
Yes, EOS sounds solid.
I really like your vocals, good stuff, i could probably produce a track with your little freestyle
at the end :p
I send you an email.

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Yo , do it man, that flow at the end could be an epic track indeed . I wanna hear dat.

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Are you registered with a Pro (Ascap or Socan e.g), and do you have your IPI Number?

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You know I am looking a the paper work right now for BMI. Any guidance on which is best to sign up to and how? Also talking to @urcinsteve about this.

I went with the canadian "Socan", because the german "Gema" is a scam... and Socan
accepts international Non-Canadians...i don't know about BMI...
It's also a Major, right?
And what works for Sean Paul might not be our thing...but who knows..?
This is "just" the professional Organisation to be registered as a songwriter/producer...not a Label.

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Yeah man, I know I they collect royalties on your behalf and scan the place for who using your music etc. BMI seems to be the one most reggae artiste use.