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The Jungle Nightclub

The Jungle Nightclub is located on Norman Manley Blvd. in Negril and is simply known by the locals as 'The Jungle.' Their website specifically states, 'voted' best Night Club in the Caribbean. I'm not sure how valid this statement is as there are numerous countries which comprise the Caribbean islands. I even find this statement rather dubious for Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay together, which probably have quite the selection to choose from. I kinda wanna know who 'voted' on this before we jump to conclusion.

The Jungle Billboard Presents

But when in Negril,The Jungle is certainly the late night hang spot. Most probably the management personnel and PR department smoke a little ganja to get them loosened up for the long night ahead. It's all strictly business, though, but sometimes you just have to take an extra spin on the turntable.

If you're visiting Negril and want some loud music and lots of ladies, this is your joint - it's lit, so be careful. Words of advice - bring your earplugs. You heard it here first from s-irie.

Bonus Photo

Me, I prefer to hit the open air reggae events down on the beach, beneath the stars, sipping an ice cold Red Stripe, and enjoying the wisp of secondhand marijuana smoke filling the brisk air.

YEA MON- It's Jamaica, Jamaica




Hi boss what do you mean with this place is 'lit'? Gonna visit this place tough, no matter whats your answer :D

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The place is ‘lit’ meaning the jungle is jumping. Late night sleeps at rondel village sometimes interrupted by the loud bumping speakers and booming bass. Can only imagine what going on indoors... I think Maybe super also played a sly one here by saying “the joint is lit.” We can’t forget here we are talking about Jamaica, Jamaica @whatsthatcryptom

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This place rocks until four AM in the morning. As @conradsuperb can attribute to. The noise level 100 yards away is intense.
You gotta go.

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It's fantastic that we have choices available when vacationing. I see that if you redeem a Jahm Stake and Stay Token you can get free passes to da club.

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I think I was here in 1992. Unless it's another club. Crazy times. Love Negril. I'm going to be digging out my photos soon and writing about my times there. Is Sweet Spice still there?

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Please start posting.
All of Reggaesteem
awaits your up and coming
And yes Sweet Spice is
alive and well. You need
to relive your earlier
experiences, thru
your memories.

I think it would be excellent the second option a lot of reggae jeeeee greetings friend--

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Thanks for always tuning in.
Your appreciated.

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i like the sign design !

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The atmosphere will be very different from clubs in urban areas

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Nice phographs taken there. Negril must be a nice place to visit. Upvoted by @olasamuel.

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@super-irie, Hope that you've enjoyed your time here, the whole Green Effect definitely making this place look like a Jungle. Stay blessed brother.

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