"Playing around" with "Beautiful Party Life" on the Turntables (Reggaesteem)

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Hi there Reggaesteemians,
yesterday when i uploaded this video to dtube,
i got "invalid time stamp" when i tried to publish it
and also when i tried to upvote other dtube videos
with dtcs. So i said, F... it, Dtube is out, i continue tomorrow only
with YT (thinking it has not been posted).
Checking my Steemit this morning, i see that it got posted..!?
But only with the Hashtags "Dtube" and "Music", because you can
only choose one in dtube.
Trying to hashtag it 17h later for reggaesteem and jahm didn't work,
so this one here is for my Reggaesteemians:
Check out this new HipHop/ Dancehall tune.... uptempo party and
workout stuff... good stuff, u know ;)
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Hi there Steemians and Dtubers,
here i am mixing my new Single
"Beautiful Party Life" by Luca1777
on the Technics 1210 with Serato.
Plus i am using the Dicer for the
Cue Points, which is integrated in the
new Mixers. Actually it's time to get
a new Mixer :P
So upvote this post if you like it, follow me
on the other Socials, check out
"Beautiful Party Life" by Luca1777
and be blessed.
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Streaming and Download:
plus on Pandora (USA)
and TenCent (China)
and on your favorite streaming platform ;)
Check out the new Sound!

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Would be epic if you play at #JAHMfest2020 😎

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Let's do it ;)
You got a date already?

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That's some good mixing, next @jahm.whitelist update you get the 'artist pass'

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Thank you :)
Should i look out for anything concerning the whitelist/ artist pass?

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Good music a great enchanted mix.

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Thank you, Maria... my own production ;)
New Riddim with original jamaican artists coming soon!
Follow me on your streaming platform, if you use one ;)

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Luca Luca
Gave you a double shot
on upvote. 😎

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Give thanx, mi bredda!

I think it posted twice lol
It’s happened before.

How’s your journey to whitelist coming?

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What should i say... let me phrase it like that:
I'm always on the Guestlist ;)
Other people "stand in the line"

Yes for sure, you are always welcome everywhere !! Especially in Jamaica... I’d like to see some more personal encounters like your boat bar post and the ganja festival ! Share those memories and experiences with all of us 😎

Irie monn

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Give thanx, it's the time you know...
Gotta "muscle" 2 businesses before i find extra time for
longer posts...
But i try ;)
In between i'm promoting my music/ djing, which is e.g. in this
post here the essence of a lot more work, then most people
put into a long post....

  • Produced and mixed the beat myself
  • Sampling my own voice from 2 other original songs(songwritings) of mine
  • scratching the samples,too
  • performing on the Turntables
  • organizing the "camera man"

...all boiled down to 1:17 min. ;)
Overstand ;)
Bless up

Yea mon - mixed mastered engineered and produced. Good work for sure, just really like your content, bredda. Always looking to see new and improved stuff

Bless mi breddda

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Gotta respect the DJ!

If he got skills, yes.. ;)