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So much awesome— so little time.

Hopefully it will be possible for members to create their own communities within Steem Tribes, in the near future— 🙏🏽 😉 @aggroed, @eonwarped and the Steem-Engine team. Either by using/burning their native tokens or Steem to create more buy pressure.

Regarding ReggaeSteem, that opens up a plethora of possibilities from independent reggae artist fan groups to online boutiques like on IG (Caribbean people love that stuff). Niche groups like Ital living and Rastafarian Culture. Politics and Suss (aka gossip). Endless possibilities.

Can only imagine other tribes are thinking the same. If any of our bases expand enough, Communities ensures people can filter and post in their own fashion. Granted Steem has it’s own dynamics now similar to Reddit, but there’s no karma— censorship takes another L.

There’s a ReggaeSteem Community setup here: https://steemit.com/trending/hive-150047 with the core team as admins/mods.

The team and I will be doling out Irie upvotes to members posting in that community.

However, if you wish to create a (relevant) community within our tribe then by all means please do! Use the jahm tag and encourage your community members to do the same.

Looking forward to seeing some new communities command search traffic across the network!

PS: Spam and other “low quality content” is still not endorsed on @ReggaeSteem. Please use the jahm tag with a conscience. @NoJahm4u is always watching 😅

Jah Bless

#OneLove #OneSteem

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Jah bless I’ll have to give our hive a go. I see dmilliz tested the waters out a bit already

Bless up

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Same here, I’ve been using that WHEELS! hive to tinker around and see what the cross tag possibilities are. Very interested to see other communities spin-off and use the jahm tag for rewards. For example a gift shop owner (I’m on it lol) can now post items and separate them from their blog while still reaching the tribe. Blessings bro

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This post gave me an idea, gonna change my hive-tag from ReggaeSteem to Rasta Cats. Everyone who posts in Rasta cats is gonna get massive upvotes. The cats are gonna lead the unstoppable JAHM train! 😹

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Pretty sure you mean your hive name, since any hive can be named ReggaeSteem but

Nah... I’ll just mute them from jahm tag or hammer with @NoJahm4u 😒

 last year 

Stay away from RastaCats Bro!

I think it's great! I already mentioned to @Crypticat about making a community-hive titled "Ital is Vital" for all things Ital related, such as food, recipes, products and lifestyle related things.

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