Hotel Review: Samsara On The Cliffs, Negril, Jamaica

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Samsara On The Cliffs - Hotel Review w/ Personal Photos

A completely different feel than offered from my previous hotel review of The Rondel Village, Samsara On The Cliffs is a new sort of adventure for travel-goers venturing the cliffs of Negril, Jamaica.
Similar to The Rondel, Samsara offers both beach and roadside options. The roadside Standard Garden rooms are reasonably priced and provide patrons a tropical feel for their equatorial stay.
The rooms are smaller, offer less amenities, and give visitors a sense of what it's like to travel the real Jamaica. The Garden Rooms will do the trick, but if you're looking for more of a classy stay, then Samsara has several options to cater your needs.

See a full list of room types and a price chart at their website link below:

Rates at Samsara Resort:

My first time to Samsara was some years ago and I still have fond memories of my stay there in 2007. I can remember playing many ping-pong games, enjoying fresh fruit smoothies at the bar and restaurant, going for swims in the pool, and snorkeling right off the cliff area in the Caribbean sea. The atmosphere was friendly, the vibes were irie, and the air was fresh. What more could you ask for?

Jamacia August 2007 124.jpg
Cliffs View

Jamacia August 2007 077.jpg
View of Samsara from the West End Road

Jamacia August 2007 029.jpg
Thumbs up from @conradsuperb

Jamacia August 2007 055.jpg
Snorkeling off the cliffs from Samsara Resort

Samsara surely isn't a 5-star luxury suite hotel, but the hotel and staff do everything they can to make sure your stay is as close to one as possible. The grounds were well kept and maintained, providing a natural feel given the lush vegetation lining the stone laden paths throughout the resort. The views from the cliff area are hard to beat, but that's anywhere you stay if you're vibing the cliffs. The beach scene isn't too shabby either.

Jamacia August 2007 008.jpg
Samsara Restaurant, Bar & Cafe

Jamacia August 2007 007.jpg
The Humble Abode

The staff was helpful and also open to speaking about concerns. We had a bit of a issue with fly-like gnats in our garden room, and the staff was quick to recommend a store with insect repellent nearby. Granted, we were there in August, so the times were ideal for breeding season. We just happened to be there the wrong week - all part of the experience.

Samsara is centrally located (approx. 4 km from the roundabout) on the cliffs and is close to some notable places like Choices, Xtabi, and the world famous Three Dives. Ended up eating at Three Dives practically every night because the jerk was really that good. The famous Anthony Bourdain even highlighted his trip to Negril once with a pit-stop at this local jerk joint in Negril, Jamaica, located on the West End.

Jamacia August 2007 100.jpg
Xtabi On The Cliffs

Jamacia August 2007 143.jpg
Smashin' some Three Dives Jerk

It's not a bad place to call home for 9 days and 8 nights. There are several options to choose from, of which, cater to all types of persons with varying preferences for accommodation. If I were to go again, I would stay in an ocean front villa. It would be pretty irie waking up to a dawning sun over the beautiful Caribbean blue, wouldn't it?

Website: Samsara On the Cliffs and Legends On the Beach - Negril Hotel Bookings

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 last year (edited)

It is insane the amount of pics @super-irie took. It is like he saw ReggaeSteem coming from back then. LOl Yeah I know, he just likes to take pics. I have never stayed at the cliffs side of Negril, not that I can remember. Would be nice to.

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I know he was one with the lens. Should probably be crediting my source...@super-irie

Well there’s plenty more where that came from, too. More faces, stories, shops, signs, restaurants, hotels, art, all from experiences now being shared on RS.

We have content for years to come

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Looks like a great place for a flight and hotel package.
Heard that their sister location is Legions and that there
is a free shuttle bus to the beach. How cool.

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Dang sounds like you’ve maybe been there before ? How irie

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Respect !

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you have really taken some great pics! im sure they have great seafood

That’s all @super-irie !! @dmilliz called my bluff 😎

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That looks like a very interesting and cool place to stay. And with a swimming pool, too. Awesome! 😎

Swimming pool was also used for scuba certification. There were some Germans there during our stay who got scuba certified. Cool stuff 😎

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Excellent place, green areas and crystalline waters is the ideal combination to spend a healthy holiday, without smoke from vehicles, buildings or traffic lights, stress is lost immediately when you enjoy an environment like this.

My regards, brother.

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You said it best ! Indeed — getting away from the hustle and bustle is key to experiencing the ambiance and tranquility of such a place. It was pretty cool. Would definitely go back


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 last year 

I liked staying on the cliffs better than the beach. Although nothing beats a walk on the beach. Recommend that if anyone goes to Negril to try both.

Soon we are going to have a business directory for the town. 🐱

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Personal preference is key! Myself, prefer the beach, but that’s just me. Definitely must try both as they are so very different from one another.

Sounds like they may need an intern in town 😸

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It is a beautiful place to stay, i wish i am there.

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I hope to see you there one day, Arbi!

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It's incredible to see all the wonders that Negril, Jamaica has, it's a place that everyone should include in their vacation itinerary, and especially to visit the Samsara On The Cliffs - Hotel, which as your friend says, "Samsara is not a 5 star luxury hotel", but you can see that it's a very cozy place and has several attractions to have a spectacular time.

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