Review of a song - A duet between Akon and Becky G - Como No

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Tonight I'm bringing you a review of another Reggae tune, as part of the Review Bounty launched by @dmilliz.

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The song I'm reviewing is Como No by Akon, a Senegalese-American singer and it is a duet with Becky G, a Mexican-American singer.

So, we have the influence of three countries in this collaboration. Sounds interesting... Let's see if the song delivers, here's the video-clip:

Here are two artists I never heard before. Just like on my previous review, I had to listen this tune a few times to let it sink in... but I have to say, this song doesn't convince me very much. It's not a song that I would voluntarily listen to, if you get my grip. But hey, to each its own... and maybe you love it. Who am I to judge? If I show you some of the tunes I love, you might find them horrible and I won't judge your for that, too! 😈

About the Song

The song is pretty cheerful and something that should definitely make people dance at a bar, after a few drinks, on a late Friday or Saturday night... I feel like this is more of of Pop song than a Reggae one, even though the Reggae Beat is clearly present all through the music.

The theme of the song is... well, sex. The lyrics are in Spanish and every single verse is about having sex, wanting to have sex and... keep having sex. I kid you not. 😂 😂 😂

Just check out how the lyrics start.

Me dijeron que tú querías conversar They told me you wanted to talk
Entre tú y yo no hay nada que hablar Between and I there's nothing to say
Sabemos los dos lo que va a pasar We both know what's going to happen
Aquí vamo' directo a la cama Here we go straight to the bed

The rhythm of the song is pretty much the same from beginning to end, there's nothing that will make you jump out of excitement or surprise. After you hear the first few seconds, you already know how it sounds for the rest of the 3 minutes.

The video-clip fits the song perfectly, as it focus more attention on the boys' muscles and girls' legs than in their dance moves or anything else. Typical from the American Music Industry. They know this sells very well to teenagers.

I rate this song a 5 out of 10. It's not bad, it's not good, it's just average.

About the Artists


Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam is a name that wouldn't sell titles, so he merely goes by Akon. He's a Senegalese-American singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and actor.

This guy sure does a lot of stuff... but perhaps that's not a good thing. After all, he's surrounded in controversy:

  • Akon has stated that he was part of an auto-theft ring and spent four years in prison from 1999 to 2002. However, in April 2008, The Smoking Gun website challenged his claim with court records and interviews with detectives involved in Akon's case, concluding that he was not convicted of any crime and did not serve time in prison;

  • In April 2007, Akon drew criticism for an onstage act which included simulated sex with Danah Alleyne — a 15-year-old girl at the time, who is the daughter of a pastor;

  • On June 3, 2007, at WSPK's KFEST concert at the Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill, New York, a concert attendee threw an object towards Akon on stage. Akon asked the crowd to identify who threw the object and that he be brought on stage. Security staff grabbed the young man and took him up to the stage. Akon then pulled him up from the crowd and hoisted him across his shoulders. The singer then tossed the attendee back into the crowd from his shoulders;

  • In 2010, Buddhist groups in Sri Lanka vehemently protested a planned concert by Akon, claiming his music video with Guetta for "Sexy Chick" insulted Buddhism because of the Buddha statue that can be seen several times in the background. Considering the allegations against Akon, the Sri Lankan Government decided not to issue him a visa to enter into Sri Lanka;

  • In 2014, Akon launched an initiative to bring solar power to 600 million Africans... and later it was found out that it wasn't as philanthropic as it sounded as he would profit from it, by making substantial loans to a poor continent;

  • He owns a Diamond Mine in South Africa and denies the existence of blood diamonds...

His musical style is directed to the masses, specially the teenage boys and girls of North America. It's a mix of Hip-Hop, R&B but mostly and above all.. Pop. The message of his songs is pretty vain, to say the least.

It appears to me that he's doing it more for the fame and the money than for the music itself.

Sources Used: Wikipedia | Media Diversified

Becky G

Becky G is the stage name of Rebbeca Marie Gomez, a Mexican-American singer, actress and spokesmodel who started her entertainment career very young, when she was just nine years old.

Becky G was already writing her own music at the age of 11 and learned to play the guitar at 13.

Her music incorporates Rap, Pop Hooks, Reggaeton and Latin influences.

Becky G started to be noticed and had a bit of success while singing in English but she wasn't really feeling it. She claimed feeling disconnected from the music that was written by and for others.

In 2016 she turned her musical career around and started to make Spanish language music - by releasing the song "Sola" - and she regained inspiration by staying true to herself. Becky G admitted her Spanish wasn't the best when she started creating Spanish language music. Despite that, she was quite proud and happy to get in touch with her heritage.

Sources Used: Wikipedia | Biography

I don't know whether you liked the song or not... but I hope that, at the very least, you have enjoyed reading this honest review.

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I am not !DERANGED but I do give some away...

HAHAHAH @trincowski you killing me, I figured that sing was about sex and nothiung but sex, but your translation brought it home. I like the honesty in this review. And yes those Reggae ton beats are repetitive. They well though as most of the world speaks Spanish and a lot of the kids that do love this ish. JAHM Staked. Good one dude.

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Yeah, the rest of the lyrics are more explicit. I didn't want to mark my post as NSFW. 😉

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I loved good music ..

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

It's not my kind of thing but I'm glad someone likes it. 🤣

Thanks for your visit.

Akon was very popular a decade ago and there are a few songs of his I can think of that were huge Lonely, Smack That, Right Now (Nanana), Sorry, Don't Matter, and some other collaborations. Never heard of Becky G either. Agree with your assement though, the song is nothing special.

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Hmmm. It's not my thing, it's not a surprise I didn't know about him. The Reggae I prefer is the classical one, like Burning Spear. I also dig strange fusions but this Reggaton is not my favourite thing to listen.

Thanks for your visit and comment!

It's been a long time I listened to Akon's song. I thought he has retired from singing.
Good to see him colabo with G. in Reggae style.

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I didn't even knew who he was! 😁

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Nice post;)
This is not Reggae neither Pop, even though close...
This is a clear Reggaeton Riddim, probably also produced
for that market.
I still got my Akon shoutout "...for my dog DJ Luvsick (my old name)..."
Becky G is hot lava :P
Ola chica ;)

Hmmmmm. I see. Thanks for the information. We're learning new things every day!

Yesir ;)

@trincowski, When particular Song inspire us to dance then definitely that music holds the moving effect. Keep up the Review work and stay blessed.

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Welcome. 🙂

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I don't think it is that bad - it somewhat has a reggae vibe that I like :)

Ah ah! Even this one?