Bringing Another Roots Reggae Group to Reggaesteem

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Yesterday, I featured Matisyahu on Reggaesteem and now I bring you 10 Foot Ganja Plant.

10 ft. is another new feature here on Reggaesteem (I believe). Their music ranges widely, but their sounds are traditional reggae/roots/dub style. They originated in Massachusetts, USA back in the late 90s (1999), but are currently based out of upstate New York.

They have some fire tracks, most notably, in my opinion, from their album Bass Chalice. The roots reggae band is a spin-off of John Brown’s Body, but 10 ft. currently has no association whatsoever with the band, nor do they share any members. Completely unique group with a lot of irie vibrations for the common music lover.

Full Album here:

Most of their songs are strictly vibrations and no lyrics. Pretty easy to vibe to if you ask me, similar to the dub lounge from tune-in radio on amazon music.

Since 10 ft. Ganja Plant’s origination, they’ve collaborated with several unique talents across the musical spectrum and have even had 5 albums on Billboard’s Reggae Albums Chart. Not too shabby for a bunch of white guys.

Take a listen to the album and let me know what you think. Engine Trouble is probably my favorite track on Bass Chalice.

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 last year 

Great to see some grassroots stuff around here ;)

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Ya the good kind of grassroots 😏

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Good one. Great vibe.

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Yea mon 10 ft issa vibe for sure

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 last year 

Irie vibes yes. Gonna save this for some meditation time.

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