Lyric Poetry Contest 32th Edition - Prompt: Lemon – Freshness cocktail

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Lyric Poetry Contest 32th Edition is promoted by Professor @felixgarciap and is a meeting place for writers, both in English and Spanish. In this edition the keyword is Lemon.

If you want to participate you can check the following link to know the rules.

Source: Pixabay

Freshness cocktail

The rumor of the swing
of Caribbean waves
the sea breeze rocks the hammock
and the sun tans my body.

A freshness cocktail
quenched my thirst
and the heat drowns
in the exquisite taste of lemon.

Acid at the beginning
sweet at the end,
the coconut trees move
to the sound and tropical flavor.

Sweat becomes drops of happiness.
I listen to the music, I approach
my body doesn't resist
I drink another cocktail
for Reggae dance.

Original poem @marcybetancourt
© 2020, Marcy Betancourt. All rights reserved

Source: Official Image of Lyric Poetry Contest. Blog @felixgarciap

Invitation to participate: @soyunasantacruz, @trucklife-family, @josediccus, @nancybriti, @isauris, @oacevedo, @josemalavem and @katrina-ariel

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Always like the relevant poetry here on ReggaeSteem, well written too!

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Thank you! This week I have been inspired by reggae music

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final de post.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!

Wonderful! Thank you so much @mayvileros for this great support. Infinite greetings!

Your poem gave me a blissful feeling. Well done 👏🏾

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There's happiness because there is light, music and love, essential elements for life. Thanks for reading!

Un refrescante y alegra poema, apreciada @marcybetancourt

Publicación curada manualmente por Club12

¡¡¡Vamos por más!!!

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Qué gran felicidad siento de ser parte de esta gran familia @club12! Este es un poema musical y de buena vibra. Saludos infinitos!

Hi, @marcybetancourt I love your poem. It's super refreshing. Congratulations and happy end

Thank you for stopping by my blog @librepensadora (Btw, beautiful username)

May the lemon live,Marcy!

hahahaha thanks @lecumberre