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RE: Dash Out Sunday Week #5 ( The Food Pic Contest )

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  • Dear friend @dmilliz this is my new entry to the contest, and again thanks for the prize!

  • Yesterday I slept until noon and I did not feel like cooking much, I am not going out either, we are still in confinement, it provoked me to eat arepas (typical of Venezuela) with parakeets, it is said to scrambled eggs with tomato and onion, also grated cheese, a juice of lechoza, I have two coffee this was late for what I am used to. I just cooked that yesterday.

  • Querido amigo @dmilliz esta es mi nueva entrada al concurso, y nuevamente gracias por el premio!

  • Ayer dormí hasta el mediodía y no tenia ganas de cocinar mucho, tampoco estoy saliendo seguimos en confinamiento, me provoco comer arepas (típicas de Venezuela) con perico se le dice a los huevos revueltos con tomate y cebolla, también queso rallado, un jugo de lechosa, me tomo dos café este fue tarde para lo que acostumbro. Solo cocine eso ayer.



Que sabroso se ve esa comida.

Oh lechoza is papaya, that must taste good. Parakeets? So it the eggs from the parakeet bird?

Arepas? I learnt something new today. It seems we need a special cornmeal to make it. I checked how to make i, looks simple and tasty.

Arepas are very common in Venezuela, they are made of precooked corn flour, and the eggs are not from parakeets, hehehe, they are from hen but the scramble of eggs, tomato and onion (parakeet) is called that way.

Ok, I was wondering , because Parakeet eggs are so small! Ok , I am learning a lot about Venezuelan food culture.

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Hi @dmilliz
Venezuelan who does not eat arepas, is not Venezuelan LOL
It is literally what most of us eat in the mornings, that one that presents @yurilaya is a typical Venezuelan breakfast. Or at least it was, because everyone has changed, because of the crisis. But in the evenings it is the same, we often eat arepas too, they can be accompanied with anything, or stuffed.