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RE: Dash Out Sunday Week #5 ( The Food Pic Contest )

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Congratulations to the winners.
The dish from @sreypov and @babarakas43 looks very very good...
That @yurilaya soup is 100% Venezuelan.
It provoked me to eat each one of those dishes.


Interestingly we have a similar soup in Jamaica, haven't had it in years though. I think the Caribbean people are more connected than we think.

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Yes @dmilliz

If we look at a little bit of history, our origins in South America and the Caribbean are similar, aborigines who fought against the colonizers (Spanish, French, English), the Africans who were brought from their lands to ours. And all that mixture of races of common origins makes us very similar, in the end, we end up having many things in common, that's good, although the passage of time makes each one has its peculiarities, we are very similar indeed.

When I'm away from New York I can always find similar West Indian products in the Spanish areas. Also the Spanish section in supermarkets.

Thank you

Thank you very much 😊.

Muchas Gracias @josevas217 esa sopa es muy Venezolana y la aprendí hacer como mi mamá solo que ella la sigue haciendo en leña y le queda mejor. Saludos!