Dash Out Sunday Week #5 ( The Food Pic Contest )

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Blessings ReggaeJahmerz,
Hope it’s been a good weekend.

My dinner

This Sunday I had a simple dinner of garlic chicken and rice, on the side, peaches and oranges. I did have some salad too but that didn’t make the photo. It was a chill Sunday mostly spent doing research and a bit of crypto move around. I think I am ready for the bustle of the week. How about you?

Last Week

We had 7 entries last week, it is good to see the Dash Out Sunday Contest slowly growing. There were many mouth watering dishes that made me want to grab them through the screen, but unfortunately that is not possible yet.😂. Thanks to all those who participated and to those who will participate in the future, SELAH! Without further long talk, lets dive into to last weeks winner..YUSH!!!

And the winner is...

🥇Congrats to @sreypov who brought us her Cambodian dish called Lort Cha or (Fried Short Noodles). I have never seen anything like this so it was interesting. (Though the noodles reminded me of Jamaican spinners dumplings). Seeing this dish made me want to try it because of the YUM factor, the healthy natural products it contains and the presentation. Are those nuts on top? 😋

@sreypov walks away with 1 HBD and 750 JAHM. I have never seen anything like this dish in my life. Congrats ! 🏆.
Screen Shot 20200913 at 11.35.48 AM.png

Screen Shot 20200913 at 11.40.31 AM.png


Runner Ups

Ohhh you guys are lucky this week. The ReggaeJAHM account got a 2 HIVE tip on twitter from @snook. So I used it sponsor the runner up section. It pays to be active on twitter guys. By the way, follow the ReggaeJAHM twitter account here.
Screen Shot 20200913 at 11.34.34 AM.png
Note: The runner up section does not always take place.


🏅@yurilaya had a simple but mouth watering dish that caught me with that big slab of beef bone and the thick piece of meat on it ( Yeah, I am not a vegetarian 😁 ).But to balance out the heart clogging meat, it had a lot of ground provisions such as potato, pumpkin, yucca, corn and also garlic, onion, paprika and coriander. Man I could go for some of this. @yurilaya walks away with 1 Hive and 500 JAHM. Congrats!

Screen Shot 20200913 at 11.34.51 AM.png

Screen Shot 20200913 at 11.40.39 AM.png

🏅Now @babarakas43 dish wasn't the best looking but I do love me some Chinese food. it was interesting to read the thought that went behind the food. In Jamaica we call this slap dash, basically putting something together without real thought. And that he did do 😂 but it came out great. @babarakas43 walks away with 1 HIVE and 500 JAHM. Congrats dude!
Screen Shot 20200913 at 11.35.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 20200913 at 11.40.44 AM.png

@yurilaya1 dish.@babarakas43 dish.

Believe me, it is hard to chose the best dish, so what I do is chose the one(s) that I would want to eat at that moment in time, and also base it off the presentation. This is also why I encourage everyone to vote on each others food pics/comments. This way, everybody wins. That it is how I like it. WIN WIN.



🏆 And now on to week 5 🏆

Welcome to the Dash Out Sunday Contest.

Dash out means to show or throw out. Below is a short background of the idea of the contest, 😀

In Jamaican and Caribbean culture, Sunday dinner is the most looked forward to and probably the most extravagant of the week. (Hmmm, but that’s probably Sunday dinner in any country right?) Dishes such as stew chicken with rice and peas, curry goat, oxtail just to name a few,delight many after their church service. ( well, those who do go to church).

With this simple contest I'd like to invite Hivians from all corners of the block to share a pic of their Sunday or Saturday dinner with us in the @reggaejahm community. It doesn't have to be Jamaican or Caribbean food but just made by you or a family member with love. Food brings the people together and while we can't physically taste what the food is like, we can see it and imagine.

Through this contest I hope to get a little more engagement within the community and also attract those outside of the community to Reggaejahm.




  • Post a pic of your Sunday or Saturday dinner in the comments below. Original photos only. They are watching👹.

  • If you bought food you can post a pic and get some votes but it won’t stand a chance of winning. The dinner must be prepared by you or a loved one to be eligible to win.

  • Tell us a little about the dish in a few sentences and anything else you'd like to add.

  • Re-blog and upvote this post.

Feel free to make a complete post about your “Dash out Sunday” dinner in the Reggaejahm community or on ReggaeSteem.io. You can also use the tag #jahm from any HIVE Interface. Making a post is not mandatory.




  • There will only be one winner, and they will receive 1 HBD and 750 JAHM Tokens!

  • Upvotes will be given to all participants based on the community, AKA please vote other peoples’ dinner pics 😂 . I’ll also be giving out some JAHM Up votes and using the @reggaejahm account to give some HIVE votes.

  • Contest ends in 3 days Japan time, but the winner will be announced when this post pays out.The winner will be chosen by me based on food presentation and yum factor.

    Good luck! And let’s “Dash Out” those dinners!

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  • Dear friend @dmilliz this is my new entry to the contest, and again thanks for the prize!

  • Yesterday I slept until noon and I did not feel like cooking much, I am not going out either, we are still in confinement, it provoked me to eat arepas (typical of Venezuela) with parakeets, it is said to scrambled eggs with tomato and onion, also grated cheese, a juice of lechoza, I have two coffee this was late for what I am used to. I just cooked that yesterday.

  • Querido amigo @dmilliz esta es mi nueva entrada al concurso, y nuevamente gracias por el premio!

  • Ayer dormí hasta el mediodía y no tenia ganas de cocinar mucho, tampoco estoy saliendo seguimos en confinamiento, me provoco comer arepas (típicas de Venezuela) con perico se le dice a los huevos revueltos con tomate y cebolla, también queso rallado, un jugo de lechosa, me tomo dos café este fue tarde para lo que acostumbro. Solo cocine eso ayer.


Que sabroso se ve esa comida.

Oh lechoza is papaya, that must taste good. Parakeets? So it the eggs from the parakeet bird?

Arepas? I learnt something new today. It seems we need a special cornmeal to make it. I checked how to make i, looks simple and tasty.

Arepas are very common in Venezuela, they are made of precooked corn flour, and the eggs are not from parakeets, hehehe, they are from hen but the scramble of eggs, tomato and onion (parakeet) is called that way.

Ok, I was wondering , because Parakeet eggs are so small! Ok , I am learning a lot about Venezuelan food culture.

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Hi @dmilliz
Venezuelan who does not eat arepas, is not Venezuelan LOL
It is literally what most of us eat in the mornings, that one that presents @yurilaya is a typical Venezuelan breakfast. Or at least it was, because everyone has changed, because of the crisis. But in the evenings it is the same, we often eat arepas too, they can be accompanied with anything, or stuffed.

Bless up for the entry bro, again a delicious looking meal:)

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Yes @dmilliz, actually I think I should stop eating so much, the quarantine has made me gain weight, a few pounds too much...

😂 same without me bro. I started walking and running. We may need to start “Actifit and a reggae tune 😆

I can tell you really put some time into the post. Really good looking pasta, the Italians would be proud. 😄

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Mamma Mia 😂

First off thanks for the feed back on my post, and appreciate the rewards. Yeah plating is not my strong point, I'll have to work on that. Respect


Here's my entry to this weeks Dash Out Sunday. Here we have steam fish with okra. On the side is corn, pumpkin, and boil dumplings made with flour and corn meal. Once again I'm not a plater, I just pile the food on and eat lol. What I will say is the meal was delicious.

You a role heavy with the foodingZ this week BroGad. This is looking real good.

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Yeh man. Was in a good cooking mood today. Big plate. Reminds me of my father's plates when I was a likkle yute. Respect bredren

This contest is making me drool more and more each week man.. @dmilliz showing us again that keeping it simple can look delicious as well. No green bananas this Sunday, unfortunately.

Congratulations on the win @sreypov. I really like the simple and genuine nature of your self-made noodles. Is their a specific kind of peanuts you use? Or can I just buy anything from a supermarket and roast it in a pan?

Congrats to @yurilaya1 and @babarakas43 as well. From the step by step pictures I can see that you guys know what you are doing. Cheers!

Hahahah I actually still got a couple of green bananas in the fridge, I hope they last a bit. Yeah, sometimes simple is best, but never hurts to go all out. Yeah I too would like to know more about this dish that @sreypov made. It seems the noodles are like Jamaican dumplings.

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If they stay in the fridge too long or they're on the edge of going bad, I like to fry them with some garlic. Should be good as new.

Check out the recipe of @sreypov if you've missed it.

Nice that sounds like a plan! Cool, I figured she did a recipe for that. Good looking out.

Many thanks @rarej 😊

Thank you.

Congrats @sreypov!

Not sure if your statement is true for every country, but you are right, Sunday dinner is definitely a Caribbean thing.

Unfortunately, we are still in a lockdown until tomorrow morning 5.00 AM, so nothing fancy today.

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Thank you very much 😊.

Caribbean vibes for sure, but I think some other cultures take bride in that Sunday dinner too for sure,. Would be interesting to know.

Man, it is amazing to here that lock downs are still going on. I am not even sure if they work.

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Of course. There are many different Sunday traditions. Some religions have the Sunday morning church, some have Dim Sum. Either way, food is always involved.

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Congratulations to the winners.
The dish from @sreypov and @babarakas43 looks very very good...
That @yurilaya soup is 100% Venezuelan.
It provoked me to eat each one of those dishes.

Interestingly we have a similar soup in Jamaica, haven't had it in years though. I think the Caribbean people are more connected than we think.

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Yes @dmilliz

If we look at a little bit of history, our origins in South America and the Caribbean are similar, aborigines who fought against the colonizers (Spanish, French, English), the Africans who were brought from their lands to ours. And all that mixture of races of common origins makes us very similar, in the end, we end up having many things in common, that's good, although the passage of time makes each one has its peculiarities, we are very similar indeed.

When I'm away from New York I can always find similar West Indian products in the Spanish areas. Also the Spanish section in supermarkets.

Thank you

Thank you very much 😊.

Muchas Gracias @josevas217 esa sopa es muy Venezolana y la aprendí hacer como mi mamá solo que ella la sigue haciendo en leña y le queda mejor. Saludos!

Yeahhhhhhh for the runners up category!! :D

Thanks @snook, one good vibe leads to another:)

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Dear friend @dmilliz, thank you very much for the award, I am very happy you will like my soup, you are welcome in Venezuela to eat the best soup.:)

Well deserved. We have a similar soup in Jamaica but I really wanna try the Venezuelan soup. I wanna make some one of these days but the beef bone isn't so easy to get where I am, and beef can be pricey here as well.

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Thank you so much, @dmilliz 😁

You are welcome, it was a very interesting dish, one day when you have the time, please share the recipe with us.

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That was a delicious meal indeed.