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Wha Gwaan my beautiful souls, who by chance and luck, live on this incredible and giving planet we call Mother Earth?!

In this post, I would love to share a template you can use to write the best artist and music reviews, undoubtfully THA BEST one can find on the entire www.
A review that will bring you to number 1 on Google and other trending search engine results.
Because IF you write something that has the purpose to answer someone's question (problem) and overdeliver, you are 1 step away to be a life-changer.

I explain, hold your panties.

how to write music reviews

First, I MUST tell you (again) how powerful Search Engine Optimisation is. It is the art of structuring your post in a way that if someone searches something online, your answer to that, (blogpost) will come up first/almost first in the search results. Free of charge, only some work on your side.

But hey, why should you get money for free? Do you sh*t diamonds or what??

If your goal was to get free money, putting no effort in things you produce, I suggest you go somewhere else. If your plan is to make the place better for everyone, sister, brother, I am on your side. Stay here, keep Jahming and read on, it gets even more interesting.!!

Why would you do such things??

Because the true value of a community (read website) is in the amount of traffic (read consumers) it generates on a daily basis. The more people in the community (its still website), the more valuable the community (yup website) becomes.

The more consumers visit reggaesteem.io, the more valuable this website and probably its token becomes.

Its is just that simple. In plain English, the more people YOU bring to the website, the more money it/you/me/we will eventually/potentially make.

What is the direct impact of getting more traffic?

Potentially more investors, more advertisers, more artists, more interest, more... , more.., I don't know if you could spot the word: more? Let us together create a place of abundance, wealth, prosperity and fun.

The possibility is there, it truly is.

Word to @reggaesteem owners: Don't know for sure if A-ADS is a good fit. The screamy/scammy ads look fishy and I think there are other (WAY BETTER) opportunities to fill up ad spaces.

But Tooooommm, is that all??

write good content for seo

No wait there is even more! Let's assume you know what affiliate marketing is, then you know there is huge money to be made in that space.
Most bloggers just don't make it because their blogs are never read or found online. They just got started and have zero authority, nobody cares.
There is a solution for that! STEEMIT AND REGGAESTEEM whooohoo.

Even tough, https://reggaesteem.io is just a couple months old, the website his posts are already being ranked, and really high IF they were written well. So if you write GOOD high-quality content, tons of people will gonna read your blogs.

I am gonna make a post soon with all good affiliate networks you can use to mix in your posts. Use maximum 1 or 2 affiliate links in your post and you can generate some extra passive income that way.
Think about that, are you getting excited by now??*
*. (remember keep your panties on)
You can use this extra income to buy more crypto or SCOT tokens. Burn or stake JAHM, whatever. It is your money, dafuq do what you want with it.

The JAHMyou make from curators on this platform, you can stake to become an authority and reward other GOOD content creators in this network. And earn some passive JAHM yourself this way.
You happy, consumers happy, Reggaesteem happy. If you are in business or sales, you know the rule of 3.

music review template


In this section, I will give you the template that you can follow to make your reviews. Make sure you follow me because my NEXT post will be written with all these guidelines in place. You can use that, copy the text and format and fill it with your own review on a song or artist. Please, also post your review via the https://reggaesteem.io interface, because this way reggaesteem.io get the canonical URL.
That means THIS website (reggaesteem) will show up first on Google Search Rankings instead of this exact post on steemit, or an other tribe.

1. Title

Use first the artist name - song (Review) And Lyrics
Like this:
Maxi Priest - It All Comes Back To Love (Full Review) And Lyrics

2. Introduction

This text is a couple sentences long, has the artists name and songtitle in there and the word review. Make these words also BOLD. Also the date when the song was released, what other artists are featuring, the record label, the albums where this song is on etc. Don't make it to long but still catchy.

3. Image

Make featured image of the artist with the song name and word REVIEW on the image. This is the image that will show in the blog feed and must stand out. Also the ANCHOR text. (the text between the brackets) should contain the name of the artist - songtitle and review in it.
!image[Maxi Priest - It All Comes Back To Love review lyrics] (https://downloadimageblabla. com) You preferably make your own image and upload it. Before you upload, also give it the name of the artist and the name of the song.

4. More relevant text.

Below the picture, you give more relevant info about the song. If you know why he wrote it, put it here. If you know the meaning of the lyrics, this is the place. If the artist didn't write the song himself, include the songwriter. Where is the clip taken, what do you see in the clip? Some background info about the artist. Try to make a brief informational text.
Make sure you subtitle different sections. This makes it easier for Google to read what your content is all about and gives a better user experience. Highlight the main words you want to rank for in italic or bold.

5. YouTube Video

This is self explanatory. Google loves YouTube for obvious reasons. You can add a link to https://reggaetube.io too at the end of the post, but make sure you link to YouTube as well.

6. Lyrics

All true fans will want to sing along with their favourite musician. So make sure you add the lyrics if you can find them. If not in text, you can use another link to the video with the lyrics. But try to find the text!! If you cannot find it, you might want to contact the label to provide it to you!

7. Social links

Every good artist has a good loyal fanbase. Link to ALL their social media accounts, record label social accounts, producer social accounts, etc..

8. Upcoming concerts

If you want to make use of affiliate links, here is your chance. Apply for Ticket and events affiliate networks and sell the reggae events and concerts thru your blog. I am gonna try to apply for some and use them in my own review post you will find on my profile shortly after publishing this post. Otherwise guide the visitor to the artist own website to buy the tickets for the concert.


9. More pictures from the artist

You want to have content on your post, so look to find some more images from that artist and put them here.

10. Tagging.

Tagging is still open for debate. I suggest have the word reggae-review or reggae-artist- or reggae-music as the first tag, because this one will the blogpost keep for the rest of her life. And will be picked up by Google the most. I don't know if it hurts your post to put multiple tribe tags in there. This for duplicate content reasons, but I will test this and will keep you updated in upcoming posts.


Thanks, for reading this guide to make awesome reviews on the reggeasteem.io website. You and I can make a difference. Now go, multiply the love I gave you and start writing the best content you can physically produce. This is newsteem, and together we can make STEEM great again.


My next post will be a review, written in the method I just preached.

KEEP JAHMING, for I and I.


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A shout out to the reggae world, to Bob Marley, and those that partake in the legal green ............

Excellent post @whatsthatcryptom, you gave some sound advice to all your readers. Keep up the great work! 👍

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 last year (edited)

Great post, glad to have members well versed in SEO practices on the platform. I have a Google Certificate from like 10yrs now and can vouche— this is how to get us atop search. Almost like you've been snooping in our ambassador chat on Discord lol.

Regard the A-ads, the ads are spammy yes but profitable and easier to purchase. With enough traffic, they will likely be replaced by more targeted ads by ReggaeSteem users/visitors. Google AdSense is ofcousre best option, but not unlikely to get flagged for incentivized traffic in the future. We created the first btc faucet in JM a couple years ago and that was the killer. In time we will try the other ad networks but I believe in A-ads decentralized payment structure, the ads don't have to be blaring in our faces to earn. Also, there's Nationwide adblocks on in JM, that block Google ads by default.

Cheers bro, please join us in our discord I'd love to go over more SEO/SEM and SMM techniques, can help us up the quality in a big way. And not Steem quality content BS, but content that brings us traffic ✊🏼🦁



Bless up bro, cheers !BEER

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Hi @donald.porter! Lol no I did not snoop/sneak in Amchat, but there will be a time in the present I will :)

I totally agee, SEO-posts are the way to go. The more times we show up first, the more respect, authority and members it gets. Also attracting investors and advertisers are easier this way.

Thanks for giving me an update how reggaesteem works in relation to Ads. Didn't know about this ban on ads in Jamaica. We will talk about some SEO/SEM and SMM techniques in the near future.

I also got some ideas and checked them with the Google Keyword Tool, and there are some HUGE opportunities! We will need at least 10 people who write proper English and are willing to 'work' (make SEO optimized posts).
Every week/day we give a keyphrase or keyword we want to target, the best authors will be added to a (the) whitelist and make basic income from the vote from a SEO whitelist. (I have so much more ideas)
I feel the people need guidance, If we/you give them topics to write about, and in a contest style, so people will do their best to write the best post, everybody wins.

In real life, I am a start-up coach. Basically I help young and driven entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. This is a project I believe has a ton of potential. Stay Irie

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 last year (edited)

Good one man! Now that is a powerful template with SEO in mind. Thanks for creating this. One thing to keep in mind is that we’d like people to post the videos via reggaetube.io instead of a YouTube embed ( essentially it is the same ting but we want to build up the tube).

The cover art on this is Hot! And yes I totally agree, custom cover art on reviews can make the world of a difference. ( time to go back to doing that)

Hi @dmilliz, give thanks for your time to read the article!
I will check reggaetube.io out today. My review will have the video from the artist on reggaetube!
Although I suggest to also put a Youtube link in your blog for SEO purposes. A lot of times there is a live gig of that song somewhere on YT, that can also be used!
Yes custom covers are dope :D, can't wait to see yours and others creativity!

 last year 

The thing is, when you post from reggaetube.io ( you can use the youtube link upload/embed feature) it gets embeded in your reggaesteem post. The thing is to have the marked down text either in the reggaetube description space or edit the reggaetube post ( that will be on reggaesteem. You can always edit the reggaesteem post with the embed though it will be their if you post from reggaetube ( lol hope that makes sense.)

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Nice post. I see that I’m going to have to research
your earlier posts. Enjoyed this one.
Respect s-irie

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Hi @super-irie, Give thanks for that awesome compliment! I loved reading your stories too - Keep coming with those mon!
Stay blessed


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Keep up the great work!


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Thank you soo much @helpiecake and @free-reign for this! It's an honour.

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Great explaination, this post needs to be archived and referred to.

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Great minds think alike.

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Congrats on whitelist!
Not an easy accomplishment.
Start building up your jahm for you are very generous with your upvotes....
Always-100 percent.

Thanks, you too! I am a 100%er, I just don't like less of a percentage. Its not me. I cannot simply like a post for 15%. I just like it or I don't :)

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excelente informacion..

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Hey @whatsthatcryptom, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Some great advice. Where do you stand legally quoting lyrics of a song? I know in books, even for short sections, you have to get written permission (and pay too).

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Sorry @felt.buzz I am not used to get that many comments :D I have no idea. I am gonna look it up and let you know! Have an awesome Sunday!

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I can see that you really love into that platform. You explained it well with love, good luck for you and always share good vibes.

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