Stopped by The Wake N Bake Cafe in Negril, Jamaica

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There was a party next door for my cousin on Saturday. He lives and works in Montego Bay, so he and his co-workers were coming to Negril for a bit of fun. He mentioned that his girlfriend and her friends wanted some HQ edibles for the occasion, and I knew just the place 😊:


The Wake N Bake Cafe on One Love Drive in Negril

Mission complete— just look at that face...


The Wake N Bake Cafe makes premium cannabis edibles, everything from popcorn to pizza (see menu board). The best part is this place can be trusted to be consistent. I haven't touched the stuff in years 😇 but I can vouch, you won't have a terrible experience by eating a single (1) macadamia nut, chocolate chip or ginger snap cookie 😉


Located just a 5min walk from the world famous Rick's Cafe and 5mins before the Light House; during the tourist season this place is an irie stop for cannabis and ganja edibles while in Negril. The also provide home-made Jamaican jewelry, bags and souvenirs.

Truly unique Jamaican jewelry and bags



An irie dining space to enjoy your fav cannabis treats while in Negril.




*Excuse the spliff 😜

Ras Anthony was attending the Cafe, there's also Canadian lady, Karen who's there during the season. I'll be sure to make another stop sometime and talk to her about ReggaeSteem. Here's Anthony's IG info, the placement is truly holistic:


The Wake N Bake Cafe is a part of CanJam Retreat, on the same property. There's a couple rooms available for the season, if interested you can find out more about them on The Wake N Bake Cafe Facebook Or call 1(876)536-6642


Jah Bless

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Ill take some Ganja Popcorn please! Thanks for the share bro. I so wish i get to visit one day.

Thanks bro, more kl spots coming at you soon plus ReggaeSteem #JAHMFest planned June 2020; I don’t mean to shill— but there’s enough time to stake some JAHM Tokens for a free stay in Negril for the event and an opportunity to network with local industry professionals.

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Oh man shill away! I have been staking Jahm on my personal account, @jonyoudyer, and i may pick some up soon. You guys are tearing it up. Also man join our discord and shill away, or just come to chill out.


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Why do they call it Wake N Bake when it often puts people to sleep? 😸

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Hey my favorite cat! For me, if i smoke a nice sativa on first waking up, it is very refreshing like a nice hot shower. Even a Indica fells very refreshing. I would say though on certain strains, you can get a little groggy after a hour or so, but nothing major. Also I will like to ad, even on strains that make you sleepy, it is not like a sleeping pill that forces you to go to sleep. It really just provides you with great sleep once you do hit the bed. Same goes for a energizing sativa, its not like doing speed and you get super hyper. It is more like you get motivated, and more focus to do stuff. Hope this provides you with some clarity.

Translation- Meow meow, meow, meow. Meow meow meowwww, meeeeeeowww!

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I've had 'busy' weed before. I've also greened out. Eat the right amount of catnip and you're bouncing off the walls, too much and you're out like a light. Best to go to a trusted baker than randomly trying something your amateur buddy gave you.

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I once had a mega dose edible, maybe about 300mg, that made me run to the bed, and I straight up passed out!

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Like these two trained professionals? This story never gets old.

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Oh i know it. Edibles are to be taken very serious.


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I'm sorry about the joint. That was really good.
Thank you for sharing this moment, and this space. It looks very cozy, very natural, surely the peace you breathe in that place is unique.

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Yes mon. Very worthy post.
You are zoned
on this one.
Party on.
Pictures fantastic and
makes me feel as I
am there.
When was Wake N Bake

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Thanks, gonna make an effort to blog about random spots and visits at destinations more.

I believe it’s been there for some time. I’ve been going/recommending them for about 5yrs but almost sure it was there before, maybe smaller. I gotta stop by again when Karen is in town, do a follow-up on the Retreat, maybe they offer something exclusive for guests iykwim 🙂

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thanks a lot 😀, checking you guys out now!

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Does this place sell flower? Will be in the neighborhood next week.

Hit me up when u get here 😉

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Sorry friend, I left before your reply and haven't been near a computer since. :)
yeah mon, it was incredible, will post about it in a couple of days.

ganja popcorrrnnnnn:)))0

... 😂🤣😅👍🏽


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Nee some a dem deh. Gotta visit that place ina real life. Digging the bamboo vibes.

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I am interested in seeing a menu of foods made from cannabis, because in my place I have only tasted dodol cannabis so I want to taste it

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That's fucking dope! :D

would love to visit here!