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One greatest artiste that can never be forgotten is Burning Spear likewise a raggae song that is evergreen is JAH IS REAL.

Listening to the lyrics of the song portraits a true life story infused into music. The song might have been released or sang long time ago but its still relevant up till today because its importance or the efficacy of the song is still strong and happening even in our present world.


  1. People are very ungrateful and even when you help them conquer a challenge or help achieve something great, they turn around a pay you back with evil. So lets be watchful of the people we help and the help we offer.

  2. People are so ungrateful that when you show them a way or path to achieve greatness, they keep sourcing for ways to pull your down, they want to take charge of the path you have have shown them. LET'S be careful.

  3. Whenever you seems to ask them about whats happening, they tend to confuse you and the situations around. Just to make sure they make you irrelevant.

  4. Sometimes, people want to push you to become bad, or become evil, so they can channel accusations and blame to you.

  5. All in all, he concluded that it's only JAH that can truly and really care for you. Dont put your trust in any man.

Great song from BURNING SPEAR.

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Burning Spear is all but
terrific. He has several live albums that are to kill for. He is the Master.
Lives Brooklyn New York.

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@sammiegold, In my opinion every human being will going to face two situations and those are Ungratefulness and Betrayal. Stay blessed.

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True words bro

Thank you.

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Love this tune, now this is Reggae mon!

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@crypticat I would always thank you for the drilling, thank Jah am writing cool on raggaesteem now.

I like how you broke that down man, well done bro. Nice tune to meditate on.

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Thanks man