So/Below - A Kool Reggae Band From Houston Texas

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I came across a very intersting Reggae band from Houston, Texas. How I came across them was on Facebook doing some posting of ReggaeSteem content in various Reggae groups. The Bass guitarist, Myra Gomez liked one of my posts and I saw her profile pic which caught my attention. So on further look I realized she was in a band called So/Below. I dived into their web page and was impressed at what I saw and heard.

The band consists of Ryan Miracle who is the Vocalist/Guitarist, Myra Gomez on Bass Guitar and Thomas Bazan on Drums and Percussion. I read on their site that they also have osculating band members who come in at times to create unique fusions. That is cool as I feel that will keep their sound fresh and unique.

I first listened to their song called Back Again, which is a mellow reggae vibe with an ambient sound. It makes you feel real chill. It kinda reminded me of Sugar Ray but with a modern Reggae flavor. ( I hope that doesn't offend them, I actually dig Sugar Ray). The production was smooth, it has a fun factor with melancholic tones ( hard to explain but listen to understand). The song is about going on the road leaving a lover ( or loved one) at home while out touring and living, having fun, but soon to be back again. A comfort song that says, "don't worry I'll be back soon". (Well that is what I got)

Back Agian- So/ below

Then I went and checked out a series they have called Fire it Up Fridays in which the Vocalist and Bassist do a live JAHM of song covers after blazing up ( Well that is the impression I got LOL:) This content would be perfect for posting on using their YouTube links. I like that they do these videos outdoors in nature.

Fire it Up Fridays

Another interesting thing about this band is that they have played in 40 cities around the united sates spreading their chill, conscious-Reggae vibes on The Liberate Your Mind Tour in 2018. What really caught my attention about this tour was that it was sponsored by

The Liberate Your Mind Tour brings together meditation, conscious music, community volunteering, and educational workshops.

The tour also focuses on spreading the message of a decentralized lifestyle and the importance of crytpocurrencies in helping detach from the system. After a little research I realized the organizer of the event is actually on steem and goes by the name of dbroze. He is an author, journalist and activist.

Give So/below a listen. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

The goal when we all lay down at the end of our long journey is to spread conscious music and ideas to everyone so we can all grow and learn to inspire everyone to achieve our dreams together.

So/Below website
So/ Below Youtube

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You always dive right in
and give it 110 percent.
That to me equals
Reggaesteem has become a
viaduct for new music.
Seems every week I’m being
exposed to new music venues.
Respect s-irie

Thanks Super, If I had the time I'd go 300% . Yes some very intersting music from fresh and upcoming acts have been popping up on ReggaeSteem. I can imagine next year this time:)

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Nice find dmilliz. Shilling RS on fb, collabing among groups, and finding a neato n unique reggae vibe in the process to share with us 🙌🏼
Let them know you posted here on reggaesteem about their irie band So/below. Cool chill vibes for sure

Bless brahda

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Yeah, it is intersting what you'll find when you look around a bit and pay attention. Digging their vibe for sure. Yes man, I just sent the post over to Myra. It is intersting that the tour organizer is here on steem.

Bless Up & Give Thanks.

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Sweet innocent tune.
Got a little "Redemption Song" Feel,
plus the singer sounds a little like Patrice,
a German Reggae/Pop Singer internationally known...

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