Jinjer are Back with a Really Unexpected Surprise!

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Jinjer are a very interesting band from Eastern Ukraine.

I've been following their work since they only had 4 songs and, at that time, hardly anyone knew their name (or sound.) I've been lucky enough to see them grow into a fantastic band, I've already went to a couple of their live performances... and I'm sure I'm going to watch another show or two, whenever possible.

These youngsters are overflowing with creativity, talent and energy. I truly think that any Metal fan should put his/her prejudices aside and take the opportunity to see them live, at least once. Believe it or not, I know plenty of Metal fans who refuse to listen to Jinjer "because they have a girl as a vocalist." 😲

Well, this girl puts a lot of male Metal vocalists to shame. So, that reason is moot.


Every time they release a new song, it's a complete surprise. I've learned to anticipate anything and to expect nothing... and even so, they manage to blow my mind, time after time!

So, what have Jinjer come up with, in this new song? Oddly enough, their latest release - Judgement (& Punishment) - is a perfect mix between Metalcore and Reggae.

"Metal and Reggae... in the same song? And does that even work?" - I hear you asking.

Well, check it out for yourselves:

I wonder what @dmilliz will think about this tune.


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Hey that was epic. You really have a ear for unique music. really liked how it had the calm before the storm kind vibe. The blended the reggae in pretty neatly. Man she has a voice on her, she really does put a lot of male metal vocalist to shame. I dig the name too Jinjer.

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Thanks a lot! I wasn't counting on listening to reggae metal, when I pressed that play button. You can imagine my surprise! What a crazy song! 😁

Cool! Thanks.

Type of music that is very jerking, I like it sir @trincowski.

I'm not sure what you mean by that... but thanks for your visit.

Nice find! There are a growing amount of very heavy metal bands out there with female singers. Some are better than others but this girl can growl and has a nice range... one will destroy the other eventually, but in the meantime let's enjoy!

Nice production value on the video too, i always find it amazing that smaller acts are able to put the money together to make high-quality videos like this.

They are no longer a "smaller act". As you can see by the intro, they've signed with Napalm Records, one of the largest Metal Record Companies in the world. 😉

Thanks for your visit. I'm glad you liked it.

ah, i skipped the intro. I tend to in videos but you are correct about Napalm.

Opsss... Ukraine... :d

Yeah! Ukraine! 😁

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cool music video , btw i am not in Metal so much :D Lol


Thank you very much, Adele! I understand. Metal ain't for everyone. I hope you liked the Reggae parts, then. 😁

Крутая герла! 👍

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Metal music makes my head spinning😂 . But the singer looks very cool with her tattoos.

Looks like you're ready for Metal, then! 😎


Oh, God. How does he do that?😂

Very cool I loved it. Make sure to tag it with "tunes" to get credit for Tunes tokens for sure.

Hello there. Thanks for your visit. I thought the #music tag was enough. Do I need to use both tags?