Looking For A Cheaper Way Of Life In The Caribbean

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Many people seek to retire and look for a relaxed lifestyle in the Caribbean as it's known to offer one of the most affordable lifestyles around, costing as low as $24k per year in some regions.

Some of the most affordable places to retire are considered to be Chiang Mai, Thailand, Mazatlan, Mexico, Da Lat, Vietnam, Popoli, Italy, and Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

For these regions it's estimated that monthly living expenses for a couple would be roughly $1100, or much less in places like Thailand.

For Jamaica, it's regarded to be one of the best regions to retire in the Caribbean, with an average cost of living said to be less than $1k per month, depending on your living arrangements and needs. But for a region that's arguably much safer than many others, and provides great weather and landscape, beaches, tourist activity, transportation options, and commerce availability etc, it's an appealing region to consider.

Rather than struggle to be comfortable at home, many people still look to live the expat lifestyle elsewhere in areas that will allow them to live on a more flexible budget and modest income. Whether it be Portugal, Turkey, Mexico, Jamaica, Malaysia, or some other region, there are many benefits to transitioning to a cheaper way of living in another region of the world, even though the thought of it might be intimidating at first.

Though there might be many greener pastures to be found elsewhere, data shows that retirees overwhelmingly today are staying put right where they are.

At least 75 percent or more remain in their home, rather than looking to explore a new region in the world that might offer a cheaper or different way of life. And for some who do move, they aren't going to move very far from what's familiar.

15% of Americans are at risk of retiring with nothing.

Many are no doubt depending on the government to take care of them and be there for them when they retire with a check that will cover their needs, and a great deal of individuals are likely going to be greatly surprised when they find out a different story and realize that the government isn't there for them like they might have thought they would be in the years to come.

Perhaps then, more will be looking to move to explore other regions, to live in areas that are going to enable them to get more for their dollar.

For now, many Americans report feeling as if they are behind on saving for retirement, but with the new year coming around soon though many have already vowed to make that change, with getting finances in order being one of the more popular New Years resolutions to opt for.



I always thought I would like to give it all up and find myself an island to live the simple easy life on. Seeing as I would miss all the people and activities I love so much, it really isn’t an option.

I still cling to the dream of spending a couple months at one of those destinations you mentioned. Maybe some day life will relax a bit so that I can afford to take the time out to do that. Some day!

Great places.

Getting finances in order is not the American way though. Entitled to live the high life of consumerism and barely manageable debt is t something that will be washed away with a resolution.

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Retiring abroad sounds exciting.

I would really like to retire in one of these areas, but I'm not sure if I could live that far away from my grandkids that should be here in the next 20 - 30 years.

If nothing else, hopefully the wife and I can afford a rental home or something their.

My family of 4, including two young seedlings, will begin a year of travel this spring to explore the expat lifestyle. I never thought of Jamaica, but am so glad you posted about it. Any thoughts on life with children in Jamaica? 🌱

I am not from that region myself✌️ that sounds exciting, where were you guys thinking on heading to?

Starting out in Texas, probably Austin, then Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, and Tulum, in Mexico, and on to Belize. We are considering Costa Rica and Panama too. Have you done any traveling in these areas? 🌱