Diz iz Patwah 2: Jamaican Play

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So you say that you love Jamaican culture. A big part of that is the way we communicate. Most people are familiar with the music but do you know that Jamaicans love roots plays, dramas and skits? Yes man! We love to laugh , cry and sometimes fight. The passion that make others love us is the same passion that sometimes cause problems in life . But that is life - a bit of rain comes with that sunshine.
The snippet above was done in patois and standard English. The everyday communication tool in Jamaica is patois (for most people ) , However the language of formal education and business is English (British English - take your easy spelling to some other place 😀).
I chose the clip above because 1. It’s funny (to me)

  1. It was set in a school (the patois used in different sections of society is different - in school , it might be more refined and easier to understand)

  2. It shows how people use both patois and Standard English in the same sentence.

  3. It gives a glimpse of how we pronounce naturally and how we love to use gestures.

  4. You can practice your listening and pronunciation before you take that vacation to the island 🌴 in the ☀️.

Finally , you can watch and have a laugh - laughter works like medicine and it is good for heart and mind. As we Jamaicans always say ,

“Yuh haffi tek bad tings and mek laugh.”

Tasks: 1. Watch the video above and tell me how much you understood 😀( 10% )

  1. What does : “Yuh haffi tek bad tings mek laugh” , mean ?(No cheating Rasta!) (20 %)
    (I) And do you agree/disagree with this principle in life and why/why not ? (30 %) (percentages are based on teacher’s marred judgement ) 😇😎
    Bonus! If you make a video in which you pronounce : “Yuh haffi tek bad tings mek laugh“ With your answers to all the tasks (I will Jahm you up!)
    Post and tag #missaj
    My Jahm power is only getting stronger each month !
    I’m waiting to JAHM it with you 😀
    Oh ! If you are Jamaican - you do not qualify Rasta! 🤣
    Another #IndelibleVibration

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Love how I can understand you all perfectly when reading the writing but when I show up to Jamaica I ain't gonna understand a single word.

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Really? For some reason I thought your patois was higher than that. 😀 Well now is the time to try and work on it- it helps when dealing with vendors 😉

Another great post.
Put me down for understanding at about
less than one percent.
I’d be saying what’s that
guy talking about.

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😆 Irie1 I thought your well documented trips have you more linguistic clout. Such is life - let’s build on what you know.

Always have a Jamaican friend interpret for meh when der

None di less, English is well spoken throughout the island

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Yes indeed. The patois is just if you need to blend in 😂 English is quite fine 😎

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