Hotel Review: The Rondel Village [w/ Personal Photographs, Negril 2014]

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The Rondel Village has a diverse set of options available for travel-goers, either staying for the more expensive beach side villas or opting for the cheaper roadside bungalows (commonly named after various fruits). Either way, you can't go wrong, but always depends on personal preference.

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I usually decide to stay at the Rondel for various reasons, and generally opt for the cheaper roadside options - garden rooms. My reasons for being in Negril in the first place are not to live as luxurious as humanly possible. With that said, the roadside bungalows do the trick for me whenever I'm visiting and chilling the seven-mile.

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For one, the staff is extremely helpful and welcoming. The Rondel Village employs a staff that primes themselves on customer satisfaction, and will do anything to ensure your stay is of 5-star quality. This at least has been the case each and every time I have stayed at the Rondel, but I cannot speak for everyone. If you visit trip advisor, you will see all sorts of customer reviews for any location. I can almost bet your bottom not all of them are good even for five-star hotels.

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The staff at Rondel is so friendly that I have even become friends with some of them. I personally know John-O and Carl the security guards (day-shift), Christopher the security guard (night-watch), and even our guy Elvis the gardener who was recently featured in one of @super-irie's posts on Super's post just included a photo of Elvis since he posted via Partiko, so if you were looking for some of that luscious green vegetation he spoke of, you can find it in this hotel review for The Rondel Village.

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All of the staff ensures you have what you need at all times, and if not, they will help you as quickly as possible until you do. The grounds are kept well-maintained and free of trash and other various debris. The Rondel Village, however, is more than just aesthetically pleasing.

I've stayed at Rondel Village on multiple occasions (in the poolside grapefruit bungalow) and the friendly and inviting atmosphere is what brings me back. I usually like to try new places, but the rooms are so quaint, the staff is almost too friendly, and the location is top-notch. The only side note to this that may need to be considered is the location, although right on the seven-mile, is also quite close in proximity to The Jungle Night Club. This place sometimes gets popping late into the night, so if you don't want to have to contend with loud noise, then get a beachfront condo if you can swing it. Personally, I have never had any issues with The Jungle being right next door, but as I said before, I cannot speak for everyone.

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The Rondel also has a restaurant on site with reasonably priced meal and beverage options if you like to eat at your hotel. Again, this all boils down to personal preference, and personally you won't find me eating at a hotel when I'm on vacation. It's nice to see almost all the staff from previous years --all great people from maids, beach security, bartenders, management, and the like.

My stays over the years here have always felt like home away from home and is why you will find me back at some point once again. I'm thinking a good time might be in June as the recent news have flooded the feed about JAHMfest dates being set for June 26-28th. The fest weekend will be up on the cliffs, but I will surely be finding my way down to the beach to chill and vibe the seven-mile as I have in the past, catch up with friends from previous trips, and blend in with the locals as best as humanly possible.

See you soon, Jamaica and Rondel,

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Rondel looks quaint and is an affordable option. As long as a place is reasonably well maintained and clean, who really cares. I do like to go for a couple nights at somewhere fancy but prefer to spend the majority of the trip at a place that is more down to earth like Rondel.

We recently checked out a lot of places, if you are on the beach, go with whatever you are comfortable with. If you are staying on the cliffs, there are a few properties which have unique features that are great selling points. The romance and style of some of these properties can't be beat. Trust me, Negril has some unbelievable options. From your 6 month affordable stay to your 2 nights where you feel like you are in a Rap Superstar's video, anything you want can happen.

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What do you got for me on the " 6 month affordable stay" ;)?
I wrote @miyard already,email and steemit... no answer..?

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It's going to be a homestay or a private cabin, definetely talk to Miyard and ask for the best room. Bring a couple decent sets of clothing if you want to chill on hotel properties for free.

You may even be able to become a foreign ambassador for Reggaesteem live from Jamaica. Miyard's is near some of the studios and producers sometimes hang out there. The food is also fresh and it has a low price point. I'll make a post about the place soon 🐱

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Whatever it will be... 2 essential things for long stay:
Wired Internet and Kitchen (i'm vegan) or at least access to it...
Let's see...

Sounds like i need to get my a$$ back to Negril

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 last year 

Yeah ? When u ready him will sort it out man. @miyard.

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I did write him an email already, i need to know if
he can provide what i need and for what price...
...that will also determine if or when i'm "ready"

Have you heard from the yard? I saw you had commented a while back on a post... lemme know and I’ll see if I can spread the word. I know he’s very busy with things outside of steem all the time

Respect Luca

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Thanks Conrad, Wired Internet and Kitchen would be important
for long stay...

Essentials for sure -
Steem blogging, music mixing, and supplementing for the gainzz 💪🏼

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Yes mi bredda, internet business and "you are what you eat" ;)

There are options of all kinds everywhere. A place like Negril - that’s how it has to be. Rondel is quaint and could be a home away from home for many, and this could be the same for numerous places along the 7-mile or the cliffs even. They are diverse and different in their own ways. I know the cliffs has some very “romantic” cliffside villas on stilts and it’s the perfect place for couples to enjoy their stay. Actually once met a Canadian couple on the yamon catamaran and they brought me back to party on the cliffs that night. Was surprised they let me join as they were on their honeymoon together. Pretty irie vibes

Respect cat

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Excellent place to spend a vacation, it is the favorite for my taste, there is an enviable natural tranquility, and as far as I can see, the staff is highly sociable. There is nothing better to have a vacation than to enjoy the places and the people, I hope you continue enjoying enormously brother

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Thanks for dropping by. You’re right. It’s a place I’ve stayed before and found connections which brought me back again. I will surely be going back, even if it’s just to say hello


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Place looks pretty cozy. I know super loves it, it’s the first thing I saw when I checked his profile months ago wondering who super was.

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Yeah I helped him make his page and account a while back. He wanted his backdrop to be rondel lol

It’s even his website on there too lmao
I think he wants to go back 😎

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Great review! Shared on Twitter here:

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Those photographs were great, they show the beauty and tranquility of the place, it provokes to spend a vacation in that hotel where I am sure we will find recreation, relaxation and good attention.

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It’s a pretty solid place. There are all sorts of vibes and different ratings for each place. The rondel has a sort of homey feel about it and it’s fairly laid back which is my sort of vibration

Thanks for dropping by 😎

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