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Greetings ReggaeSteem Massive, how was the weekend?

Welcome to the JAHMIN Posts of the week. We choose posts that we really feel stood out and had exceptional quality. In no particular order, here are the JAHMIN posts of the week.

JAHMIN posts of the week October 21-27

Arawak - JAHM Poetry by @chireerocks

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 1.14.58 PM.png
@chireerocks takes us back in time with this poem. It is a history lesson done in his own style telling us the truths about the Arawak. The format and graphics he uses also make the piece more appealing. JAHM poetry is alive and well.

[Because Reggae also sounds and smells like Woman - Tanya Stephens by @josevas217

@josevas217 started a great initiative to showcase the women of Reggae. He kicked off the series with a wonderful choice, Tanya Stephens, who is a renowned Reggae singer with powerful messages in her songs. The format and information in this post is on point.

Is this love by @nancybriti

@nanybriti writes a wonderful fictional love story that feels so real because in fact it is a story that takes place daily on the island of Jamaica. Her imagery through her writing skill makes you feel like you are there in this moment. The short piece packs a lot of history as it gives the background of Bob from Holland who falls in love with the island, the people he meets and the lovely island Goddess who has him singing Bob Marley songs in bed.

Roast Breadfruit by @babarakas43

@babarakas43 shows us that a Jamaican breadfruit can be roasted on a coil stove. He also gives some insight in to life in New York and the accessibility of Caribbean produce. It's short and enjoyable read that may leave some wondering and others wanting roast breadfruit.

7. Soy Feliz ☘ - Acido y Dobleve SintoNaiK Studios™ by


@acido1120 brings us one of his original tracks in a Reggae HipHop style. It is actually a due consisting of @acido1120 and Dobleve. The sound is familiar and the rappers bring their unique vibe to the instrumental. Give these recording artistes a listen, maybe even a stream or download.

Bob Marley at the movie club by @marcybetancourt

@marcybetancourt tells of her wonderful experience being in charge of the cinema club at her university. A couple of students suggested a film about the life of Bob Marley and what takes place before and after the screening is a blissful experience which she shares with us here on ReggaeSteem.

Faces of Jamaica [Part 9 of 10] Lloyd the "Bongo Man" by @super-irie

@super-irie tells the story of how he met the Bongo man in Negril Jamaica and bought a memorable treasure for his son. Through this post you can hear the beatings of the bongo drum and the feel the vibrations of the wonderful island of Jamaica.

Song of the week [Joeboy - Beginning] by @afolwalex

@afolwalex gave a witty and humorous review.... "it is not a review". We really liked how he talked about the song giving his opinion in a way that made you want to read on while giving insight into the popularity of the tune. Check it out.

Are children the promise of a better future? Of course they are. by @josevas217

@josevas217 inlightens us about an awesome initiative taking place on the island of Jamaica where kids are remaking Bible songs in a Reggae style. the initiative also helps to build the young musicians and gives them an outlet to hone their craft. Created by Rorey Baker, backed by legends in the Reggae industry Sly & Robbie and with a focus on the youth, this is an initiative every Reggae lover should support.

Rasta Unity Featuring Lutan Fyah - Youth Rize Up - Song Review with Lyrics by @jk6276.jahm

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 11.45.24 AM.png
@jk6276.jahm introduces us to an Australian Brazilian Reggae Empress who teams up with Lutan Fyah to bring us a track called Youths rise up.It is an extremely positive track that encourages us to uplift the youths and work for them to have a better tomorrow. You can also find the lyrics to the song in this great review.

OUT OF MANY RIDDIM | Upsetta Records X Loud City | NEW ALBUM by @whatsthatcryptom

@whatsthatcryptom gave us a Riddim review of a selection called "Out of Many Riddim" by Upsetta Records. He goes through the entire selection and giving links to the artistes' social media, web page and Spotify. He also gives a short but very informative insight into the artistes on the selection.

Jane Macgizmo - One Way (Official Music Video + Review) by @bahagia-arbi

@bahagia-arbi brings us a very cool song by Jane Macgizmo, the tune is excellent and so is the format of this review. Cool pictures, nice insight about the artiste including excerpts from an interview. Lyrics to the smooth and catchy tune can also be found in this review.

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excellent blog God bless you congratulations to all ..

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Thanks for your comment, you had some excellent post as well, keep it up.

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 last year 

I see at least a couple of posters here who are gonna be added to the whitelist at the start of November

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The list is growing nicely. A lot of consistent, quality creators on the platform.

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Honored to be apart of the post of the week. Thank you.

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Thanks fro sharing the vibes with us.

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@reggaesteem, Thank you so much for your kind mention team. And keep up the encouraging work.

Congratulations to all the authors.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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Thank you for bringing your poetic style to ReggaeSteem and bringing life to JAHM poetry.

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Welcome team and thank you so much for your kind words, encouragement and appreciations. Stay blessed and keep doing the awesome work.

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I am honored that my publication has been taken into account. Thank you for the support and opportunity. Greetings and successes to the @reggaesteem team ;)

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Congratulations on your feature this week.

Keep up the good work

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We are delighted to have your creations here. Keep up the great content. Let's build this community together.

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Congratulations to all those mentioned.
Good to be in this over-selection, and two of my publications.
Thank you very much @reggaesteem for this recognition. To continue offering quality to the tribe, to everyone.

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Thank you for the amazing posts you have been creating. You are great content creator, glad to have you in the community.

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Thank you very much for those words, they really are a compliment. I try to make things right, that's all.

Ah respect to this weeks reggaesteem authors. Some good quality content rolling out for sure. Only going to get better from here. Keep adding value and supporting authors

Yea mon

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Yes, really good quality content. It is hard to decide who to showcase each week. Every week we are seeing more awesome content, we can only imagine with days ahead will bring. Big Up.

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Respect to you too. keep on JAHMin

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Hi @reggaesteem, great offer of votes for delegations :) are the votes proportional to the delegation? do you have a scale?