New JAHM Merchant: Thriller Tours Jamaica

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What’s up, everyone!

Today we had a meeting with Andy Rudduck from @ThrillerTours, a popular licensed local tour provider in Negril, Jamaica. He’s been a member of @ReggaeSteem for some time now as one of our recommended transportation and tour providers.

Thriller Tours Jamaica is a family run business and also own and operate Thriller Villa, a cozy stone-house vacation rental in Negril.

Today we struck an awesome deal regarding #JAHMFEST and look forward to working with Andy (and family) as we plan the transportation costs and destinations for the fest and the week prior.

Andy has also agreed to accept JAHM Token (and Steem) for Thriller Tours transportation and accommodations.

It’s as simple as paying the fiat equivalent in JAHM Tokens. 😉


Please follow @ThrillerTours and also check out the plethora of tour options in our beautiful Island of Jamaica at

PS: I’ll definitely share, or have him these flyers after print. They are the first promo materials printed by a JAHM Merchant that includes their ReggaeSteem blu girl. Win!

Jah Bless

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Excellent news! You guys are doing an amazing job at giving use cases to the JAHM tokens! 😎

Awesome to see more and more local Jamaican operators joining Reggaesteem and the STEEM ecosystem.

Congrats on another on-boarding, its starting to feel like the surface has been scratched and the floodgates are about to open.

Welcome @thrillertours.


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Thriller Tours look so cool Donald! I am so relieved you guys are all safe after that crazy earthquake- blessed indeed!
One love ❤️💛💚

@donald.porter this is really a wonderful news most especially for those of us who would love to actually go on a tour to jamaica and explore their cultures,traditions,their food,the people as a whole and so much more..

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This is perfect, having a trusted driver in Negril is essential to see all the cool places.

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