Jamaican musical genres: El Mento.

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Jamaica is well known for its Reggae, but it turns out that this genre is not the only one in that country, there are others, of which through some post we will get to know them, starting with: The Mento.

EL Mento: is the precursor of ska and reggae, two musical trends in Jamaica as well. To accompany the mento, acoustic musical instruments are used: the guitar, the banjo, drums and the marimbula that functions as the bass.


This is the marimbula, which also receives other names such as: marimbola, marimba or marimbol. There are many models but with the same function.
While I was looking for information, I saw this instrument in some photos. As in the first image of this post.

It was, in fact, the first popular music of Jamaica commercially, it originated during the slavery that took place in that country, it has similarity with the Jamaican calypso and Trinidad calypso.
It is a rhythm that also had and has its interpreters, solo singers and groups. Of the singers are: Stanley Beckford Laurel Aitken Lord Tanamo.


Stanley Beckford, born in Portland, Jamaica, on February 17, 1942 and died in Riverdale, Jamaica, on March 30, 2007, Jamaican musician of mento and reggae.

Here's one of his songs, really catchy if you had seen me moving my body while I was writing ha ha ha.

This rhythm still sounds in Jamaica, as part of its musical tradition.


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I enjoyed this video.
Outside venue.
Priceless. Ageless.
Think of all the
musical concerts that
never got documented.

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Hello if the rhythm is nice, very good for dancing is something soft but with rhythm.

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 last year 

I was not expecting that hahahah. It was full of vibes though. Don't worry....

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I didn't know that rhythm. Sounds great.
There's no doubt that it's a Caribbean rhythm, and you can appreciate its African roots.
Thanks for sharing.

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There are many things to know I didn't know either but what is not on the internet is that there is no ha ha haha

Thanks for sharing this. Nice music! ^_^


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@zhanavic69, Thank you for introducing this new Musical 🎶 Genre to us. Stay blessed.

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Vaya muy musical, estupendo post cambiando de estilos y trayendo nueva onda musical @zhanavic69

Bueno mi querida @sacra97 aqui en estas plataformas debemos estar en todas las cosas jajajja de musica arte y mas.

Estupendo post, mi querida Zhandra, redacción impecable al inglés, el traductor me lo dijo jajaja, información muy completa y que no conocía, espectacular, eres genial. Te apoyo en #toptres y te abrazo con cariño, mi querida @zhanavic69.

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Para los que no lo conocen, pueden encontrar información en los siguientes links:

Thanks for the review and the nice song. I only knew Bob Marley's version.

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Well you know that the songs of more time or older, many are taken by new singers, they sing to them in their style, they make some modifications, they also look very good.
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