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RE: 10 Reasons You Should Be Looking At JAHM Token | FOMO Explained

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Lovely :)
The feed is dead important, @reggaesteem does have a little advantage over some other tribes in that its a comparatively niche community, however, I'm really pleased that the team took on-board the importance of good curation. I know I'm not going to be embarrassed when I open the trending page to a potential investor or content creator.
Erm, what's an OG investor?

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Hi Shani and thank you for the votes and reply! Not just a little I guess :D Yess curating is important as well as great content, you got to have it all actually.. OG means original gangster :) You are an old school early bird investor. All great :D Take care and hope you are healed quickly! Constantly imagine you don't have pain.. Fake it until you make it! X

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