JAHM Drop Complete! & Merch for Top 5 Stakers

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The second airdrop of JAHM tokens is complete. The first drop was for seven77 members who completed a task and individuals posting about reggae.

The second Jahm Drop consisted of dropping JAHM to accounts who staked PAL, WEEDCash or LEO. If you didn’t have these tokens staked by July 11th, you wouldn’t have been eligible for the drop.

If you didn’t receive your drop, contact us in the ReggaeSteem Discord

Stake JAHM, Reggae UP & Receive Merch !

Top 5 stakers who are active ReggaeSteem community members and have used the interface a minimum of 6 times in the past 30 days will receive JAHM swag pack with merch, shipped to them directly from ReggaeSteem.

The receivers from the last 30 days won’t be eligible to receive again. Any questions just link up in the ReggaeSteem Discord.

*This is not a competition but community building.


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The discord link is expired

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Thanks for pointing that out, we've fixed the Discord link to: https://discord.gg/UQNT9as

Bless up!

No problem

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GodSpeed 💙 ♩♬♬

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Thank you for the airdrop! <3

You are welcome! Blessing!

Thank for the AirDrop. Jah bless!

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Nuff Respect! Bless UP!

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777 jahm is not up to a $

Another day, another airdrop, steem tokens and Reggaesteem FTW! :D

Hello Friend!! Thanks for your informative post, I didn´t know of this airdrop but I have leo, pal and weedcash in stake since before July 11th, but I didn't receive any Jahm airdrop. What did I do wrong?? What can I do?? Is it not enough staked??

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This is a good move of reggaesteem and I have created a new post thru this platform. I have joined the dielscord as well and I hope I can be the ambassador to promote this paltform for Indonesian community. Go JAHM!

@reggaesteem, Will join the Discord Server. Keep up team. 👍

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I love reggae and glad to be part of Reggaesteem :D

can you use this tag for any cannabis content?

Thank you for AirDrop! I staked all.

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Thank you so much for the JAHM tokens!

Wishing you all the best.


Thanks for the drop loving the vibes