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Sounds like a pretty cool community but I don't have any Jamaican related content so not sure I'll be able to make the most of the platform haha! What type of content is accepted with the #jahm tag?


Content acceptable with a JAHM tag would be any Reggae music, song reviews are most welcome, (Reggae is a thing in many parts of the world, not just Jamaica) anything about Jamaica.

I have been welcomed and all I knew about Jamaica before joining in was from following the cricket, Usain Bolt, and Cool Runnings. Posts don't need to come from personal conection, researched posts work just fine.

There are fairly solid quality controls, but attractive rewards for meeting those standards. People powering up their JAHM rewards will tend to receive stronger support.

Another great way to get involved is in the comments on trending posts. A few of us with stake like spreading small comment votes around. Here is one now.



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