This poem celebrates the Jamaican Mother/ child experience and relationships. If you can relate, thanks for the support! Blessings!

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Listen to Yuh Madda
By A.T.Myrie

Listen to yuh madda
Cah shi nah guh repeat
And yuh know yuh inna
Trouble when shi
Start kiss har teet!

Listen to you madda
Cah shi know everyting
Shi juss a wait pon yuh fi
Tell di lie, suh shi can
Start di beating

Listen to yuh madda
Cah shi is always there
Sometimes shi a
Di madda, di fadda
Di police and di doctor

Listen to you madda
Cah shi always know best
Even when yuh test har patience
Wid every chance yuh get

Listen to you madda
Cah she love yuh like nuh other
From har first pinch to har last lick
Shi will always mek sure
Whateva yuh get
Yuh did wuk fi it

Written November 5,2019& Nov 1, 2019
@11:55pm Oba Apt &10:15am@Kjg
Matsue Japan

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Nice work, I have featured your post in the Pay it Forward Contest This week we are featuring posts fomr the JAHM Tribe. Good luck in the contest. I did enjoy the poem.

Give me a little time.
I’ll catch on to the
lingo. I find it very interesting.

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 last year 

Hahaha , Jamaican Madda dem know everything fi real, even here in Japan she send me post sometimes day on point. I have to wonder if she spying on me like Facebook 🤣

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LOL! We can’t hide from our mothers. Nuh matter how grown wi bi, dem still a madda wi!!! And aren’t we glad, right? Even if wi bitch an moan!! Blessings

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Thanks for the support! Glad you enjoyed it! Blessings!!

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Nice poem, @nandy4eva! Thanks for sharing... and...

Congratulations on being featured by @stever82 in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

aww you just made me think of my mother,thanks for sharing this wonderful and emotional write-up....thanks...