Why Does Glistening Waters - Luminous Lagoon of Jamaica Shine?

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As I promised in the previous publication, I would explain as simply as possible the phenomenon that makes the water of Jamaica's Luminous Lagoon so bright that it is very easy to see at night.

We get on our little boat and we're going to really study what's going on.

Let's get started:

  • To begin (remembering), this water is particular, it is the result of the union of the fresh water of the river Martha Brae and the salt water of the ocean.


If I mix river water and beach water, will it shine at night?

No. It is not precisely this mixture that makes the water shine, it is rather that this condition allows a microorganism to survive and it is the one that generates the bio-luminescence 1. These two-origin water conditions create a warm, shallow and brackish environment, which is ideal for these microscopic organisms.

1It is the production of light from certain living organisms. The name is a hybrid word, originated from the Greek bios meaning "alive" and from the Latin lumen meaning "light". It is a widespread phenomenon in all biological levels, mainly in the marine species that live in the depths. Source

  • What generates this particular light is a microorganism called "dinoflagellates or pryodinium bahamene ". Yes, I know it's a very strange name, but it's the one that the scientists assigned to it, so I can't simplify it.

These are found by the millions in the waters of this lake, inert but when the water is moved and disturb its tranquility generate these flashes of light, which seem somewhat ghostly.

The reasons why pryodinium bahamene has this property are not clear. However, phylogenetic and evolutionary explanations mention that these flashes of light arose as a defence mechanism, to scare their predators...

The mangroves found in the river are rich in Vitamin B12, which is a necessary element for pryodinium bahamene to live.

This phenomenon has been and continues to be studied by many world-renowned universities.

Important information for tourists to enjoy this phenomenon at its best:

Bioluminescence, explained above, is a purely nocturnal phenomenon. It takes a cycle similar to the circadian in the human being, which conditions us to sleep at night. That is to say, these organisms recharge themselves during the day with the sun (as species of Batteries) and at night they shine. Logically if the day is cloudy and/or rainy, the brightness in the night will be diminished...

The bioluminescence is a phenomenon that we can find in all the nature, however, most of the animals that enjoy this capacity are in the sea, *the zone of the Caribbean is favored by climatic conditions so that this particularity can be observed. here I leave an interesting video realized by national geographyc:

Another important detail:

Part of Jamaica's culture considers this lagoon to be a kind of fountain of youth. Women who bathe in it look younger, and in the case of men it benefits them with increased penis size and increased virility....

I don't know if it's true, but just in case... take a bath ha ha ha ha!

For now I'm saying goodbye, hoping I've made a contribution to general culture.

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Very interesting, Jose. Good research and interesting phenomenon indeed. The bio luminescence would be a pretty cool scene at night Id imagine.

Very cool

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Immersing yourself in these waters and being able to live that brilliant experience must be unforgettable. Surely.

I hope you can know that space @conradsuperb

You send me a picture je je je je

Someday I'll get to know that space. I know.

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That is some mighty fine detail as to why it shines. Well done!

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@dmilliz, I needed to investigate the reason for that light, and also show it. Although sometimes, many people prefer to keep the magic of the phenomenon, and see it that way, Magic.

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@josevas217, Sometimes effective Research leads to Phenomenas which are very interesting and surprising too.

This unique subject is really appreciable brother. Stay blessed.

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Thank you @chireerocks

Research is necessary, usually leads to good things.

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Welcome and that's true.

Women who bathe in it look younger, and in the case of men it benefits them with increased penis size and increased virility....

What about cats 😹

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@crypticat,According to the legend...(mystery music), cats will have the benefit of 7 additional lives... By god je je je je

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