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RE: More Cool Things To Do While in Negril, Jamaica [Part 2 w/ Personal & Team Photos]

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I'm glad you enjoyed the trip fully, I hope everything went according to plan, it's good to socialize and enjoy the environment, that's what you really have to value in every trip, in every experience, however, there's one thing I wouldn't do in Negril and that's that I'm one of those who wouldn't dare to use Parasailing, I love the ground.

On the other hand, I'm struck by this part where you say (I try to stray away from posts that are not valuable and/or have no real essence of being shared with my fellow ReggaeSteemians.) I hope it will guide me when I'm falling into this error brother.

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Conrad Doesn't just tag JAHM or Reggaesteem for rewards. He wants to build value for the community and provide information. Some people take great photos, some have superb writing skills, some are very creative, others provide information. Different strokes for different folks ;)

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Nailed it on the head. We all add something unique. @jadnven shares many creative pieces through descriptive writing. I enjoy his stories and have even mentioned delving into another content area to bring something new to the feed. I’m sure he can conjure something up given his JAHMin creativity

Respect cat

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Everyone brings their own unique flare and flavor. Your content is unique to you and makes it unique for everyone on RS. I definitely wouldn’t say your content is in error. I would love to see some other content creation from you but your stories are pretty cool and have a side to them that are unlike any other content on the feed

Keep Jahm’in brother

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