JAHM Token Proof of Stake just 1 Month and 18 Days Away

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Just a quick reminder that JAHM Token, @ReggaeSteem’s token will be upgraded to Proof Of Stake (PoS) at the start of the new year.

On (Friday, January 3rd, 2020) ReggaeSteem members will begin earning an irie APR on their staked JAHM

—making it easier to reach that coveted 100k JAHM Stake required to redeem a vacation package in Jamaica courtesy of ReggaeSteem!

To view the live JAHM PoS Countdown and for more information about JAHM Token and other ReggaeSteem tokens visit ReggaeSteem.com/jahm

Current JAHM Price Chart

30-day Chart generates with Gerbot by @gerber, available in the ReggaeSteem Discord


JAHM Token Market powered by Steem-Engine DEX

Hope you’re having an irie day. We JAHM’in!

Jah Bless

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I’m liking what I see with
this 30 day updates.
Steady, solid, secure,
Had to ask Alexa how to spell that.

This is sure another improvement on the ReggaeSteem Tribe. Jahm to the Moon. Kudos to the team.

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Thanks, we do our best!

Cheers 🍻!BEER

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Awesome news

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chart is looking good 👍👍👍 has anyone used their jahm vacation yet i wonder?

We’re only ~4mos in and a JAHM Stake & Stay (JSNS) vacation requires 30-days notice in advance, KYC and a plane ticket among other conditions— would be amazing if we did 😃

However, @shanibeer was the first to reach 100k JAHM And receive her JSNS token for the year. We also have

  • a couple members aiming for the stake
  • members who have yet to claim their JSNS token
  • members visiting Jamaica this season on their own behalf to spend JAHM at local venues 🙌🏽

Cheers 🍻 !BEER

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Hey @doitvoluntarily, here is a little bit of BEER from @donald.porter for you. Enjoy it!

POS and ability to actually use jahm for something tangible like travel. This adds value and increases interest in Steem compared to many other communities that do little more than hand out random tokens and extract value if people simple tag them.

Other tribes and investors should pay attention to what you are doing here.

I hope the people using jahm in the real world soon share their experiences and such so we can all see the reality.

@donald.porter, This is really exciting aspect brother and we are eagerly waiting for this day.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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Hmmm... I didn't know this. Thanks a lot for the informative post. 😁

really waiting for the surprise that will be presented from the program I am really looking forward to it

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@conradsuperb and I had huge discussion this AM concerning what
the ‘irie’ APR could possibly be.
The suspense.
Tik tok tik tok

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