ReggaeSteem Content Creators Wanted!

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Earn up to 20 Steem per Post!

ReggaeSteem is seeking content creators who wish to post through or tag #jahm / #ReggaeSteem in their preferred front-end editor. There are not enough quality posters on #ReggaeSteem so bloggers, content creators, sharers, influencers and artists have an excellent opportunity to get heavily rewarded in Jahm tokens.


Simply tagging #jahm or #reggaesteem for any post is not a good idea, but if you share a reggae/dancehall song or Jamaican music and write a little about it in a typical format you will be heavily rewarded. You can also write about things that are related to Jamaica, travel, Caribbean culture, or Jamaican/other fusion.

Trending Posts on ReggaeSteem

Screenshot 2019-10-18 at 19.46.28.png

You can see one poster @jk6276.jahm has a post payout of 1118 Jahm! The next person on the list @botefarm has a post payout of 682 Jahm! Neither of the accounts are related to the team in any way and they are typical amounts for a trending post. Visit if you don't believe me.

Neither of the above posts are of particularly high quality, no offense! But, they are both on topic, not done by whales, team members, etc. such as myself, @donald.porter, @dmilliz, @miyard, @reggaesteem, @shanibeer, @roger.remix, etc. You can see for yourself, it isn't that hard to get on the list.

Screenshot 2019-10-18 at 20.22.46.png

At the current price according to Jahm is selling for 0.025 Steem a piece. 0.025*1118 means @jk6276.jahm is going to share 27.95 Steem worth of Jahm with his curators. 27.95 x 65% = at least 18.168 Steem for the poster at current market prices. Not bad for a post that would take less than an hour for a two-fingered typist taking smoke breaks to create (not implying anything here!)

Earning Rewards is Easy

You too can earn up to 20 Steem per post worth Jahm at current prices and the price of Steem is $0.141 each according to Coinmarketcap or Coingecko. This means like $2.82 per post, not too shabby as you are earning #rewards in #Steem and potentially other tokens such as #palnet, #neoxian, or your favorite other tokens. Besides, what about the satisfaction of becoming a well-known poster in a budding community?

Screenshot 2019-10-18 at 20.45.08.png

Jahm Can be Used for Travel Rewards and Gear

That's right! If selling Jahm for something you can exchange for money isn't the only thing that motivates you, you can stake it to get curation rewards by curating authors found on the @jahm.whitelist and eventually earn a Jahm Stake n' Stay Token. Get a JSNS token annually when you stake 100,000 #jahm which is tradable for a free stay in Jamaica! Jahm Tourism You can also trade your Jahm for things found in the Jahm Shop What other Token allows for that? (hint: none)

What Are you Waiting For?

Seriously. I see people pouring their heart and soul into Steem posts all so they can earn a lousy 1 Steem or $0.141 cents meanwhile people make fun of 50 cent trolls posting on Reddit or Twitter. Who is the fool? I get it you like blogging about what you want to blog about, and Jahm rewards aren't guaranteed, but why are you still reading this?

What to Write

Topics that are related to Jamaica: a tropical vacation, a Jamaican person, Caribbean music, someone who likes Jamaican culture something in Jamaica, etc. Reggaesteem prefers topics that are unique (Sorry Bob Marley,) and not just a cut and paste of a Wikipedia article as plagiarism is not tolerated. Posts should be a minimum of 100 words in length, with 3-500 being the standard for quality. Use plenty of keywords for Search Engine Optimization and share with us your #Jahm experiences!

Topics for Reference

Places: Jamaica, Negril, Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Royal, Runaway Bay, Black River, Spanish Town, Port Antonio, Savannah La Mar, Lucea, Trench Town, Portmore, Blue Mountain, Caribbean, Dunn's River Falls, Seven Mile Beach, Rose Hall, Rick's Cafe, Blue Lagoon, etc.
People Bob Marley, Usain Bolt, Shaggy, Portia Simpson Miller, Jimmy Cliff, Marcus Garvey, Harry Belfonte, Miss Lou, etc. See - Just don't C + V!
Things reggae, dancehall, travel, food, flowers, birds, animals, beaches, hotels, restaurants, businesses, products, you get the picture.

Hit us up on the discord if you want a preferred topic you do not have to be Jamaican to apply! You will be fast-tracked for the @jahm.whitelist and could be featured in the JAHMIN Posts of the week!


Jahm rewards are not guaranteed, nor is the price of Jahm, Steem or the US dollar. In no way am I suggesting you invest in Jahm, purchase Jahm, or that you will get rich from investing in Jahm, Steem or the US dollar. This is not financial advice, this is not an employment contract and this is solely meant for educational/entertainment purposes. Yes, I own some #Jahm.

Thank you and feel free to post on or use the #Jahm tag for relevant posts!

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It's an excellent time to build a stake in reggaesteem and the steem blockchain. Both have huge potential, it's one of the few places where you get to own part of the business. It's early days yet, but saving free tokens earned through blogging is a good investment. You can continue to earn with stake, too, through voting for other posts that add value.

 last year 

You know all about saving up that #Jahm suprised you're one of the few to catch on so quickly and more people haven't got that head start. You're right, it's still early. Saving and stacking has it's advantages.

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The focus is mostly on Jamaican songs. I write reviews on songs I love most in a week and some of them are reggae. Although I get supports on it sometimes, but shouldn't be counted as a valid reggaesteem post?

 last year 

Doesn't have to be Jamaican, it can be Jamaican style, reggae fusion, Carribean, we're even letting Latin music and reggaeton slide. Just don't use Jahm or Reggaesteem tag for genres like Swedish heavy metal or traditional Korean music, etc.

Hope to see some posts from you. Also copy the lyrics, it's good for SEO.

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@crypticat, I want to appreciate your efforts to boost this Ecosystem. Hope that we will see new wave of content here. Keep up and stay blessed.

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 last year 

Thank's Chiree, I like a good community where the content is somewhat in order. Would love to see 10 to 20 great posts a day!

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Welcome and hope that order will be set very soon. Have a great time ahead.

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Great idea! I would like to participate. I'll look for them!

 last year 

Cool, look forward to some quality content from you.

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Hey, I use at least 3 fingers to type... The smoko bit is true however. :)

In all seriousness, some good quality post's will do well at the moment, my payout mentioned is probably because there wasn't many posts to vote on at the time.

Looking forward to see what relevant posts people can bring to the party.

In case you are doubtful, the tribe is very welcoming of outsiders, I have absolutely nothing to do with Jamaica, beyond some personal interest in exploring and learning about different cultures.

Keep it relevant and get #Jahm ing

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You got big love cause you're stacking like crazy. Don't think for a second that no one is noticing that. Maybe the love will be returned in curation when you reach a stake (fingers crossed)

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Saw that, thanks Pennsif. Glad to be a part of something.

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I will informed the Indonesian Community about this nice information and I will translate this post into Indonesian as well. Thanks @crypticat.

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Cool, @joseacabrerav is translating it to Spanish as well, just link the original. English and pure Jamaican posts will get the most love but we can all understand good music.

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Nice! I was just thinking about Jamaica! Looking forward to your posts!

It sounds great such an amazing opportunity to earn reward

excellent news thank god ..

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@mariluna hit us up in the discord please, 2 or 3 ambassadors speak spanish

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hello friend thank god already in touch with you all chevere one love ..

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Thank you for breaking this down once again. I think with time Reggaesteem will more content creators.

Upvoted and Resteemed!

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 last year 

Thanks, it's looking that way. You should stake more of your Jahm instead of selling it all, it will pay off with your curation efforts!

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