Limericks and JAHM.Whitelist updates!

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Jamaican Vacation

Down in West End on Vacation,
A girl got my visual fixation.
I oohed and awed,
thought 'oh my God'
Why is there so much temptation!

Man From Negril

There once was a man from Negril,
Who needed to smoke weed to chill.
He said in a cough,
as he choked his ass off
next time I'll just take a pill!

Montego Bay

Down in Montego Bay,
Jamaicans sing the Reggae.
The beat of the drum,
while sippin' on rum.
One could just listen all day!

All the great art, music and poetry showcased on has been rather inspiring. So much in fact that I thought to give it shot 😹 Which one was your favorite? Write a better ReggasSteem Limerick than me to be upvoted and fast-tracked onto the @jahm.whitelist!

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 22.00.48.png
Picture taken from @donaldporter
and the @iriegiftshop here

JAHM Whitelist Updates

Just delegated another 20000 JAHM to @jahm.whitelist bringing the total up to an eye-popping 170,000 JAHM. So if you are a member of it, you will automatically get a very Irie upvote on every qualifying post. The Jahm whitelist uses by @holger80 to upvote posts that are at least 75 words long, are posted on or and/or contain one of the following tags Reggae, JAHM or ReggaeSteem

Congratulations to The Newest Members:

@ayjoe you have been stacking for a while and your latest post shows you do your research! Love the community spirit, keep it up!

@ganjactivist what more can we ask for than a resident vlogger and businessman from Jamaica in Jamaica? Good luck on your Steem journey, we are here for you!

@trincowski posts are legit, the blogging and photography are top-notch and there is Trincowski action on the discord and in contests. Here's some automatic help with your stacking!

Existing Members:
@crypticat, @super-irie, @shanibeer, @bahagia-arbi, @joseacabrerav, @slobberchops, @whatsthatcryptom, @chireerocks, @mariluna, @botefarm, @babarakas43, @josevas217, @jk6276.jahm, @mistakili, @conradsuperb, @justinparke, @pouchon.tribes, @missaj, @thomasgutierrez, @zainalbakri and @luca1777 Keep JAHMin!

If you aren't on the JAHM whitelist and think you should be, message me below or reach out on the Reggaesteem discord. for best results post from

Whitelist Levels

Larger upvotes are now being given to people who aren't selling Jahm for cryptocurrency. JAHM is meant to be spent in Jamaica and on all things Caribbean and reggae. ReggaeSteem and by default The JAHM Whitelist rewards people who love reggae, use Reggaesteem and who don't sell their JAHM to the highest bidder. Post a few great blogs, show loyalty and you too can climb up on the whitelist. Ask how you can be fast-tracked to more rewards today!

@conradsuperb's onboarding project to help newcomers from the Caribbean get a 'head start', if you want a free JAHM delegation click HERE

@reggaesteem's ultimate reward system. The JAHM Stake and Stay Token is explained in detail Keep Powering Up and you can JAHM your way to JAMROCK!

Thank you for reading and see you in Jamaica in 38 days!

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I faithfully keep all my earned JAHM staked, although slowly unstaking now to get a custom ReggaeSteem badge. I see it as a little way of giving back to this community.

Ital Chef? Hope more posters come aboard that think like you

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I'm thinking "Italist" as my ReggaeSteem badge. As for more like-minded people hopping on ReggaeSteem, I would like to see that too. Time will tell, we are going back to Cambodia within a year to perhaps open an "Ital Resort", and also working on a website, even an e-coobook.

I'm quite happy to accept JAHM as a payment option when/if these works ever see the light of day. We also have an opportunity to open an Ital restaurant in Batumi, Georgia, at a reggae bar on the beach. If we leave this summer we can perhaps work the tourist season in Georgia on our way back to Cambodia.

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Nicely done !! I like em all but visual fixations amass and the temptations, a lass !! Big time with this one here, 😺

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LOL! The code for the signature is in the advertising channel on the Reggaesteem discord

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Congratulations to new JAHM Whitelist Authors.

@crypticat, Yes, ReggaeSteem is filled with Music, Poetry and Culture.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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Nice update crypticat.
Congrats to new members.

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Congrats to them

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Hehe, they made me laugh! Just a few weeks now until your holiday, I hope you have a fabulous time. Love to see the way the whitelist and reggaesteem is growing. Look forward to posting again once I'm recovered.