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RE: 10 Reasons You Should Be Looking At JAHM Token | FOMO Explained

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Yezzir, great post here. Would love to see you post more... awesome content when you do, that’s without a doubt. Great overview of the team, the tribe and the use cases of this utility token.

Resteeming. More people on steem need to see and hear about reggaesteem, so we can also begin to spread the word outside of steem as much as possible.

OG team for sure. Loving the crew.

Lol - I know that’s dan Bilzerian under there. Cmon now you can’t fool me!! Lmao

Mucho respect mu bredda

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Thank you for the very nice words and the resteem! I will post more, I promise! Need to find a way the business runs itself :D
I also believe that if the people know the REAL cause, they will jump the wagon easier. Its just not another tribe on the block. It is much much more. Glad to have you on board mister mister!

Neh who is Dan Bilzerian? !giphy


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Definitely so mate. Real case and cause will bring people on board. Once they see it’s real, there will be no reason not to jump on the wagon

Lol dan bilzerian, known most for his lavish lifestyle, is a professional poker player and Instagram guru. Haha check him out and you’ll see what I mean...

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