Appreciating the Small Things in Life 🌞 Simple Blessings #APART

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Where I'm from at the Christian schools there's something we call "Morgenzegen", which is basically starting the day off giving praise to the Lord, reading a text from the Bible and doing a prayer.

I have never put much further thought into it than enjoying that early morning routine. And then, not so long ago I attended a motivational session. There the facilitator gave us the exercise to start off your day by being grateful and try summing up some things or everything to be thankful for. This will help set the brain into a positive structure, which in turn get you into a positive mood and with a positive mood there's a great chance to get the things you've planned for the day done. It also helps with your (mental) heath and strength.

So I'm trying this "new" thing out starting the days with being grateful in the mornings. Beginning with the small things like how the sun is shining, or that I may breath and that I have food to eat. And let me tell you that once you start doing this, the more there is to be grateful for...

And enter the song Simple Blessings from Tarrus Riley ft. Konshens, which gave my day a good positive boost in the early morning and making me count my blessings. Just like that beautiful morning at the riverside; being grateful for the breeze, the sun and the leisurely moments.

So, will you be joining me on this gratitude journey?

Love to read about it, peace!



This post came at a perfect time. I am big into gratitude & used to do a similar process when I woke up. Lately, I have been so absorbed into other things that I stopped doing it. But this reminds me to get back into it.

You are so right - being grateful for things in your life really sets a positive mindset for the day & you actually attract more blessings, too. I will start doing this again! :)

I appreciate you! Thank you. :) 💖

Thank you for sharing your story and indeed it's difficult when getting into the hassle of everyday life.

Take it a step at a time and it's a journey, not a race 😉


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This is the second time for the week this message has been in my zone! Wake up with an attitude of gratitude and counting your blessings;) Very fitting song too. Loving this post makes me want to get back into doing a gratitude journal now and then like I used to. Have a great weekend dear✨🤙🏾

Ps: now this is how you do an #APART post

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Yeah.... Also used to keep a journal, but was more at the end of the day.
Seems more fitting for the start of the day; thinking of starting it again.

Also a blessed weekend to you 😊

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I think we get too caught up in all of lifes distractions that we forget why we are here, what we want to do and achieve and we're focused on doing what others want us to do, what companies want us to do. I say take back your time and focus on yourself by appreciating the little things

So true; have also been caught up in that cycle, but I know better, especially now.
I appreciate my "me" time and investing in myself more now.


I'm not the religious sort but I have to say the mantra of that morning positivity is a good thing and the perspective of realising what we actually have and shot be thankful for is a good bedrock from which to start the day. Excellent post :)

Thank you and so true. We often have more than we realize.
Have a nice new week! 😊

you too :)

I'm doing a similar thing during the day, but I will try your tip and implement it in the mornings... Thanks to the people around me and be more grateful...


Nice to read about it.
Keep at it; it will be difficult in the beginning, but as you try with just one thing to be grateful for, you'll see the list will grow as you keep at it 😉


You can't go wrong giving thanks and praise first thing in the morning.

True that! 😊

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Sweet post, nice Tarrus tune...and yes: Give Thanx Everyday! :)