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RE: Dash Out Sunday Week #3 ( The Food Pic Contest )

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Well dinner wasn’t beautiful in appearance today as I overcooked the chicken 😂 my boys still thought it was marvelous. I made some patty meat (minced chicken and beef, seasoned to lemon pepper, grated carrots, onions garlic , some corn and herbs) shape like steak and baked. My son who helped me make it didn’t try it but the older lad ate about 4, I had some salad and fried rice. Message to self Indonesian spices are too spicy for kids who have only lived in Japan, so I enjoyed that. Today’s juice was from my new juicer: pineapple,ginger and pear for me, apple for the youngest and apple and kiwi for the oldest. I froze the fibre and ate it for desert. ‘Twas a good day.


So di man help mek it and don't even try 😂. Chicken look like my kinda bun up, better bun up than raw up. Jah know is time fi start cook again on Sunday.
Juicer a gwaan though. A suh much different juice mek to Rahtid, if a me a one juice a mek 😂 , speaking bout juicer u just remind me seh me send Juls juicer to one bredda and him never have use for it. Might haffi guh get it back. Though it too big fi dem small chicken yah.

Yes Bredda , regular ting fi dem
Youts yah. Dem help mi mek tings den nuh try it and it usually taste suh gud.
Yeah man , cuz di juicer yield small , it easy fi dash in and put your cup under di tap fi your own juice. Kid fun ting.

Actually it doesn't look bad at all @missaj
It is a good variety of food.
It looks nutritious, with colors and surely with diverse textures, that's what I like.