A Reggae Hideaway With A lot Of Tempo

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Greetings reggae muffins , one of my good friends introduced me to a nice spot in Osaka called Bar Tempo. It was the first week of the year and who wouldn’t want to listen to some good music? Sister Sheez (A well known Sistren in the reggae circles in Japan) was in attendance. Though I missed her performance as I arrived late because I found out about the event as it was about to start. I heard she helped all in attendance to have a good time.
The owner of Bar tempo is a musician who is well acquainted with reggae and its practitioners in the Kansai region.He regularly holds events in his small but cozy establishment. Most of the guest seemed at home with each other as they bobbed to the beats and shared ramen and soba. It was an hour or two well spent and I hope to visit them again in the very near future.

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So hold on deh, a only you ine a wear mask?

Mi like the vibes man. My girl seh "don't disrespect me" LOL

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😂 I noticed the lack of mask and seh “Puss and dawg nuh have the same luck” mask up!
Yeah man - that’s mi G. Mi think she love Yawd more than mi- she fly gone a Yawd just last week. Nah come back till April.

Will this be a weekly thing?

Think dem have a different person each week. When Rona done mi carry guh a oldies event. Nuh seh nutten

Is Sister Sheez in the second video? Love her voice man.

Yup, that's her.

Sounds like a natural.

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