Margaritaville Negril - You Gots To Chill

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Magarita Ville 7 Mile.jpg

Respect Reggaejahm!

Here's a little video footage from Margaritaville Negril, Jamaica.
I used the big booty ladies already for some promotional
stuff with my music. This is the original footage with
original audio and all Reggae Lovers should recognize
the song running in the back, selected by the DJ of
Margaritaville. "Bonafide Love" by Buju Banton and Wayne
Wonder, covered in 2020 by Shenseea & Russian as "IDKW"
("I don't no why"...the catcher of the song;)
I will post the tracks for y'all.
Margaritaville is actually kind of "commercial" but the vibes are
nice with the DJ playing music, the ocean view of the 7 Mile beach
in front of you, and if you buy a drink you can use the beach chair
for free ;)

Bless Up!

I hope i can give you fresh Jamaica footage in 2021 :)

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This is my best & favorite shot sitting @ Margaritaville drinking a Dragon Stout watching my favorite ocean ;) so colorful...

Magarita Ville 7 Mile.jpg

This is the actual building, if you turn around and can let go of the ocean view...

Magarita Ville Panorama.jpg

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That Buju song is an all time classic!
Wouldn't mind playing some beach volleyball right there.
Complete with lovely ladies and all. 🙃

You done know, mi bredda 😜
Let's keep on visualizing and soon it's reality 😉

Blessings for the new year brother. 👊

Give Thanks!
Happy New Year, Star!💪

It strikes me as a lovely place with access to food, snacks and hydration services. I imagine you had an excellent day at the beach with these beautiful and well-behaved people. good video, that shows the beauty of Jamaica and its towns.

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Yes, i enjoyed my time😉
Thanks for your feed back!

Oh man, can't wait to go to the beach again.
Can't wait till the pandemic's over and the airports and borders are opened again.
Enjoy your freedom and blessings! 👍

...and we can fly mask free & breathe! 😜
Happy New Year, Tanja 😉

Yeah... that too!
I am someone who adapts very easily, so I got used to wearing a mask, but it is a nuisance when breathing, especially in hot climates.

Happy New Year! 🥂

It is fact that it is harmful wearing them too long, please take care & check the latest posts here on my blog about that topic...
Strong & healthy 2021! 😉

For now, wearing it too long for hours will not be much of a problem for me ;)
But I do have sympathy for those who really need to wear it, because the work circumstances don't allow them much choice.

Oh thanks, I'll check them out 👍

Commercial or not, I wish I was right there at the beach, right as we speak. Nice music; Lots of sun; Calm ocean; Few people; and a bar around the corner. Nothing better than that :)

True! I hope i'll be back soon, too 😉

2021 is a good year for that, I was told 😎