I'm Vegan, But I Like To Stake, I Flip Those Cryptos (New Hook Idea + Funny Freestyle ;)

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What's Good Hive Bees!

New Chorus/Hook Idea exclusive on 3Speak & Hive! (Bye Google...)
I know it's a HipHop Beat, but i thought Reggaejahm is still the
best community since @Dmilliz open up the community for
HipHop & Rnb Content.
I used the phrase already for the title of a Hpud post:
"I'm vegan, but i like to stake"
Well i took that line, added some lines and created a chorus:
"I'm vegan, but i like to stake,
i don't wait, i flip those, Cryptos,
mo' money, mo' power, mo' dough.."
That's the perfect Power Up Hook ;)
Feel free to cross link it every first of the month :p

Bless Up


Music Links:


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Cool nuh man! We really need some freestyle vibes to bring out the artiste dem to flex their music muscles. Gwaan flip dem cryptos bredda!

A true...come out with y'all Freestyles! It's fun😀
Give thanx Bredda!

I'm vegan, but i like to stake

This line is gold! Good choice for the title.


Respect, give thanx Bredda! 🙏
And cheers...make it a Dragon Stout on the 7 Mile Beach 😉

Love it, and with the formal wear, I can see you pitching this in an executive board meeting with everyone taking notes from the CEO @luca1777. !wine

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Nice visualization, Bredda! Respect🤛 😀
Enjoy your weekend with the family & greetings
to everyone! Hugs from Berlin

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I especially like the line ""I'm vegan, but i like to stake," 😂
Smart and creative 👍

And the beat does stay with you for a while haha

Thank you, Tanja! 🙏😀

Hahahaha, you got super funny somewhere in the middle of the video, and then you stopped! Why? I guess because it went so crazy you couldn't hold yourself anymore... Loved it when you laughed about one of the rap lines yourself hahahaha

Thanks @edje !
Yeah, that's how freestyles go..i guess 😅

Yes, and please next time... Continue when you get out of rap, espacially when you getting so funny you start laughing yourself! It was (and still is) super to see! Not everything has to be perfect. Then again, what is perfect, the fun stuff and your laughing was the perfect part for me 🎶🙃

Love to hear that, but i did continue after i laughed...check the video, no cuts there 😉
Later i cut a piece out because "i lost it" there a little...and went back to the chorus part...
Still, thanks a lot for your feedback!
I will record more freestyles for the future, and leave the fun parts... 😄

I had to re-watch again, and you are right, you continued after you started laughing. It was just a little after, you did a blend out/in for the last part. Went totally funny when you started with the german line, flipping languages and then the 'too' and 'poo'. Am again LOL mode when writing this comment :)


Yo love the freestyle champ!! Flipping those cryptos!!

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Give thanks my man!
Love that you love it!

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You're welcome

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