27.000 Jahm PowerUp - Happy New Year 2021 Hive & Reggaejahm!

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Happy New Year and Happy Hpud/Jpud , Hive Bees & Reggae Jahmers 😉

I decided to stake my Jahms & invest into Reggaejahm Power,
Jamaica & Hive:
Jahm Jpud 27000.jpg

63.000+ Jahm Power

Money & Power Selection🤑 😉

Kash with "Di Dollaz Pree" on the new "Internet Badness" Riddim:

Supa Mario with di 2018 Soca Tune: "Bring di Power Back"

And 4 Sure Mr.Dmilliz with "Bitcoin Times"

Blessings, Strength & Guidance for 2021

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I swear that bredda was Alkaline! Heard about him but never really took een a tune! Him a gwaan! Have A Money Up New Year Luca!

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Power all the way! 💪


Yes I. Respect

Hi @luca1777
This is a great Power Up.
Congratulations on that great climb.
Happy New Year Broth
I hope you had a great time.

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Thanks Brother!
Happy New Year to you as well...
Yes, i had a good time 😉

Hey @luca1777, here is a little bit of BEER from @rarej for you. Enjoy it!

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