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RE: Dash Out Sunday Week #3 ( The Food Pic Contest )

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Hi @dmilliz, This is my entry.


This chicken sándwich with lettuce tomato onion, tomato mayonnaise sauce and a little mustard.

That was my dinner today, Sunday, in Venezuela however many times what we usually have for dinner is sweet arepa with white cheese or grilled arepa with cheese and a good coffee with milk.

Also on other occasions, we had bread made by me for dinner.

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No this is my kinda meal. simple but nutritious. This is the kinda stuff I need to start making. Thanks for your entry dude.Just google arepa, it looks good. Its like a fried bread right? We have something g like it in Jamaica but more round,we called it "friend dumplings"

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Hi @dmilliz
The arepa is based on corn flour, with that we create a corn dough and then the arepas are made, I know that many Venezuelans live in Jamaica who achieved huri from this country, thank God they must be much better.

It is possible that they sell bread flour there.

Since criminals and drug traffickers have been ruling in this country, many Venezuelans are scattered throughout the world.

I hope you can get a Venezuelan to prepare you a pepeada queen arepa. You're going to love it.