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In the community of REGGAEJAHM there is a dynamic that serves very well for all those who like photography, you do not need to be a professional in this area to share good photos, this dynamic is #APART A Picture & A Reggae Tune.

What is it?

It's very simple, some image that makes you think of a specific reggae song, that somehow you can relate it, ready, you have a publication ready to share with an original image and a song by an artist of your interest.

How to participate?

"You can take part in #APART anytime.
Be sure to use #APART
Post your APART content in the Reggaejahm community or on
Tell your friends who love photography and Reggae Music about it.
Have fun and let's get JAHMIN."Source

En esta oportunidad la imagen que quiero compartir es la siguiente:


Image of my autorship/Bogotá-Colombia/Taken with my Huawei Y5 phone

Taken in Bogota yesterday (08/26/2020). It is very common to find artistic images in different parts of the city, with different motifs and messages. In this opportunity some faces of some Afro-descendant women, surrounded by flowers, with an attitude as if they were perceiving the aroma of these, and traveling - mentally - to other spaces, to other places that do not necessarily have to be current.

I was also thinking that, in my opinion, history owes a lot to the Afro-descendant race, which has done so much for all of humanity. For example, strong theories affirm that our entire race, regardless of the current skin color, comes from Africa; the logical thing is that the appreciation for our origins is much better, and greater. Fortunately and justly, in many respects progress has been made in terms of seeking equality, fairness, because after all we are all just mortals in this world, in which we all live together.

The song I want to share, related to the previous image is the following one by Chronixx:

Blak is Beautiful

This Jamaican artist centers his musical content in the lyrics against the wars and the romanticism, always inviting to the valuation of the human being, to continue ahead. He has a unique style, a kind of mixture of different rhythms, which make him distinguishable. To follow him in his networks:

Twitter/Insta/Facebook: @ChronixxMusic.

Although I got the video above from your youtube channel, me gusta más esta versión en vivo:

Chronixx - Black Is Beautiful (Live on KEXP)

Lirycs Black is Beatiful

We love the children of Africa
Teaching the children
Oh na na anna
La da da da

Black eye, black hair, black skin
Black queen stand majestic with the black king
Today I'll sing you a black song, you need to hear about beautiful black things 'cause
Most time we hear about black, we hear about black magic and black witches
Black list, black book, black market
Black Friday, ya spend off your black riches
I've never seen a doctor in black nor seen a black pill fi cure no black people
But I've seen bush doctors like Tosh and Marley resurrect like a real black beatle
Malcom, Marcus, Martin
When you see Walter Rodney ask him
How you nuh hear about Howell often
So when the little offspring asking, tell them

Chorus: They never told us that black is beautiful
They never told us, black is beauty
They never told us that black is beautiful
They never told us, they never told us black is beautiful

You ah behave and ah gwaan like you never spend 500 years pon a farm
The same chain you ah wear and a gwaan is another black life in Sierra Leone
Dem find out mama earth got gold then
Dem mine out mama earth black soul then
You work hard just fi get ah black card
Same card weh you swipe buy back your black gold then
Hol' on, I see nuff faces long
But this is not a racist song
This is a song for the children who was never told about where their race is from
They never hear it in dem favourite songs
Everybody calm, ah say slavery's done
What a go gwaan when the babies come
And start read 'bout things like
Dogons, black Kemet and Kush
Black kings, black senates and books
Weh teach 'bout pyramids and put
Real significance to we physical looks
So every word weh mi say black
In my world everything black
Black white, white black right back
So don't be surprised when mi say mi king black


Thank you very much for reading me.

I hope you are having a good week, to continue taking care of yourself...

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Awesome post @josevas217.

The comments here remind me that today we explored a new area of Paramaribo. We were in search of an affordable Chinese store, and along the way we passed the Afro-Surinaamse Cultuur Organisatie.

The place was full of bright colors, very West-African-esque.

Thanks @justinparke for the comment.
Colors are features that identify a culture, as well as its music and cuisine.
And it is good to know everything, it is enriching the spirit.

Very cool painting. Would love something like that on my wall. Yes indeed , the African defendants have been through so much and continue to go through a lot. Yet many great nations were built on their backs. What hurts me the most is how the slave owners were compensated handsomely after slaver was abolished, compensated for “losing their property > the slaves” yet the slaves got nothing and had to go back and work for them. But time is the real master.

Chronixx song futé the picture sbd message well. Dude you are a pro at this lol 😆

Truly, history is full of such cruel truths, and not only history but the present. But, as you say @dmilliz, time is a master, only with the passage of time can we know what will come. Learn from it to follow, because we must not stop.
We must move forward.

Thanks for the support @dmilliz

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