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In the initiative ReggaeJahm's #DashOutSunday that takes place in the Reggaejahm community, it allows you to share that food you enjoy on Sundays, when you can do something new or different. It is a challenge that you can do between Sundays and Tuesdays, and you can show not only your food but share part of your day, however, the protagonist will always be the food .

Actually on Sundays you try to do something different, almost always, rest obviously, but maybe you can also make some more elaborated dishes since you have the time available for it.

Having time available on Sunday I prepared the next dish of food:


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  • Chicken seasoned with garlic, curry and ginger (I really like that combination), I prepared the grilled chicken, with a little butter to make it a little more golden. Over low heat.

  • Boiled yucca first, and then if it was fried, here if I used oil, I can not fry them with butter...😅


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  • Chinese rice, or at least that's how we know it on this side of the world (Colombia and Venezuela) It is white rice, which you can mix in a large pan (preferably non-stick), with pieces of ham, chicken or any other type of meat, and there are those who add other things like bacon, shrimp, etc.

  • Also accompanied by lentil soup, to complement. The truth is that the food was very good, and the usual, it takes an hour (or more) to cook, but to eat it is a matter of minutes, but it is good minutes. 😁


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I can say that what was bought ready was the dessert, once a week we try to treat ourselves, my wife and I. This is really something very good that they prepare in a bakery near the house, it is a lemon cheesecake that is simply great, it causes you to eat 4, and I am not kidding, it really causes you to eat 4 or more of this, but, you have to be careful, the idea is to enjoy the sweet not to be ruined in the attempt😅.

For now I say goodbye, I invite you all to participate in the activities of the Reggaejahm Community, In addition, to lovers of photography (without being professional) the friend @barski is conducting some daily photo contests in which you can easily participate, here are some links:

@Barski announces photo contest - Week on the island - SUNDAY - DROUGHT - Jahm Coin Source
@Barski announces photo contest - Week on the island - MONDAY - SEA OF FLOWERS - Jahm Coin Source

I hope it was a tasty publication...

Have a good week.


I authorize the use of this banner to everyone who wants to do it.

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Fried yucca/cassava is the best! The Indonesian version we have here called Teloh is one of my favorite dishes.

And I know exactly what you mean. That's why you should always by just a slice, or you definitely eat the whole cake in under a week. 😂

Telo, to know about the cuisine of other countries is to be enriched. It really is.
Other names, and surely another way of preparing the same things.
But it is good to know.
Thank you for commenting.

Yeah, this is why I love to travel. It's the perfect opportunity to experience different cultures and try out new foods everywhere I go.

Yes, it really looks very tasty and pleases my eyes)) see you in 8 hours. I would advise you to add a couple of tags: Palnet, Creativecoin and Neoxian. I see that you have such an opportunity. In this case, I can come with a cake))

Thank you very much for the suggestion @barski
I have added the tags #neoxian and #creativecoin, for the next ones I will use them.
Thanks for commenting.

Chinese rice 😂 makes sense. We call it fried rice, but the real question is, what do the Chinese call it ? Hehehe。

Lemon cheese cake 🍰 😳 you killing me bro, that sounds like the devil.

The origin of that name "Chinese rice " is because in Venezuela and Colombia, that type of fried rice is made in Chinese shops, so it was named "Chinese rice".
Yes, lemon cheese cake, they also sell passion fruit. They are great brot, that is an excellent flavor. My wife learned how to make it, and we are already preparing it at home, well, she prepares it, I eat it ha ha ha

Greetings @dmilliz

Wow, passion fruit cheesecake, that sounds even better. Man I am missing out, Japan doesn't make good cheesecake at all

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